Apartment complex

Helpful Hints For Provo Living

Trash cans Trash Pickup You can find out about trash pickup on Provo's Sanitation page or on Provo's mapping webpage. The Sanitation page also includes some useful hints for making sure your garbage gets picked up.


Power lines Utilities Some apartment complexes require you to establish your own utilities. If you need to do so, the city will provide you garbage pickup, water, and power. Call 801-852-6000 or 311 to schedule a time to set up your utilities or stop by City Hall at 351 W Center St at least one week before you move in.

Be ready with your actual address (in addition to the name of your complex), contact information, and identification (e.g. a social security number over the phone or two photo IDs in person).



looking at home Rental Dwelling License If a rental unit is not owner-occupied, it must have a rental dwelling license. Even with a rental dwelling license, occupancy in most residential zones is restricted to one family or three related or unrelated singles per unit. To confirm if your dwelling is approved for the number of people living there, contact Provo City Community Development Department at 801-852-6400.


smoke detector Health and Safety

Every apartment has minimum health and safety requirements (e.g., structural soundness, working plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, minimum bedroom floor area, smoke alarms). If you are having a problem with any of the above items and you have already contacted management (but they have not yet repaired the problem), contact the Provo City Zoning Office at 801-852-6400.


emergency prep kit Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for an emergency is just as important when you’re a student as any other time. There are a lot of things that you can to do be prepared and even little efforts can go a long way when the time comes.

Basically, you need to Make a Plan, Get a Kit, and Be Informed.

Make a Plan for what you will do in different emergency situations. Do you have an out-of-state contact? Where will you go? What should you do?

Get a Kit means having supplies ready so that when you need to go, you can leave in a hurry. One of the most important things you can have is water. It’s easy to store a  couple of gallons of water and the water will make a big difference when you need it.

Be Informed. The more you know about potential disasters, the better you will be equipped to deal with them. Visit Be Ready Utah’s website or Provo’s Emergency Management website to learn more about emergency preparedness.