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Parking & Transportation

There are a number of parking permit programs in neighborhoods surrounding Brigham Young University that reserve spaces for residents. Its important to watch for signage to ensure you are not parked in one of these reserved areas. This page shows which neighborhoods have permit programs in effect and contains more information on parking ordinances. When you park, be mindful that you are not obstructing driveways, fire hydrants, nearby intersections and crosswalks. For more information on parking regulations see Section 9.31.010. The City of Provo itself does not boot or tow except in extreme circumstances. However, the practice is common among some property owners. Provo is able to regulate these practices on private property only to a small degree. Be cautious about where you park! Pay attention to the signage at parking lot entrances and avoid parking where parking in restricted areas. If you feel you are a victim of unfair booting or towing, the best course of action is to discuss it with the owner of the property where the parking spot is located.


Public Transportation
Provo is home to a rapidly growing public transportation network. Between the bus and the train you can get almost anywhere you need to go.  The new UVX bus rapid transit line, which opened just a year ago, provides fast, free service in Provo and Orem.  Buses run primarily in dedicated lanes every 6 minutes at peak times and every 10-15 minutes in the off peak hours.  BYU and UVU have partnered with UTA to provide free access to all UTA services (including the Frontrunner train) for students, faculty, staff and family members. Also, the RYDE shuttle route runs to and from BYU campus and certain Provo apartment complexes. The FrontRunner commuter rail line is another great way to save wear and tear on your car. It runs Monday-Saturday with trains leaving Provo as often as every half hour, stretching from Provo to Ogden with stops in between. These roomy trains have restrooms, laptop tables, outlets, and WiFi to give you the most comfortable and convenient train ride.  Visit Utah Transit Authority's website to find routes, time tables, and any other UTA information you might need. 

Provo City has also partnered with Zagster to provide rentable e-scooters in Provo.  Learn more about Zagster in Provo and find a link to download their app here.  E-scooters are not allowed on the BYU campus, so if you are wanting to use the scooters to get to and from the campus, you will need to rent and later drop off the scooter in designated scooter parking areas on the periphery of campus.  

Provo‚Äôs seemingly endless miles of bike lanes and paved bikes paths could keep you riding for days. Provo River Parkway, a popular Provo trail, stretches from Provo Canyon down to Utah Lake with the friendly bubbling river as your riding companion the whole ride. Learn more about upcoming Provo bike events  like the Mayor's Ride to Work Day at Bike Provo's website here. We also strongly recommend that you license your bike with the City (for a one-time fee of $1). In the event of a bike theft, Provo Police can use your licensing information to contact you upon your bike's recovery.  Learn more about bike licensing here.


Plane & Train
Allegiant Air runs several affordable flights each week from Provo to Phoenix/Mesa, Oakland and Los Angeles. Visit to find promotions for cheap flights. You can also take an Amtrak train to your desired destination. Purchase Amtrak tickets here.