Knight Block

Want to get involved but don't know how? Here are a few things to get you started:

✅ Know your neighborhood

The Neighborhood Program's mission is "to facilitate effective, informed and representative participation of citizens in government and self-help initiatives and to provide a channel for communication among citizens, elected officials and City department staff ". Provo is divided into 34 Neighborhoods which each elect their own Chair and Vice Chair. The Neighborhood Chair organizes meetings with residents and facilitates communication on local problems in addition to identifying strengths of the neighborhood. Want to know what neighborhood you live in? Simply enter your address into this tool to figure out not only what neighborhood you live in as well as your polling location, city council representative and school district information. 

✅ Register to vote

If you have a current Utah Driver's License, registering online is simple and can be done by filling out this form. If you don't have a Utah Driver's License yet, visit for more information on how to obtain one. 

✅ Volunteer

Did you know that Provo ranks 1st in the nation for volunteer service? Visit the Mayor's blog to learn how you can join Provo’s volunteer force for good. You can also find volunteering information at:
  • The BYU Center for Service and Learning regularly hosts service opportunity events both on and off campus. It offers 70 community service programs, some of which are Habitat for Humanity, Community Action, and Best Buddies. Visit the BYU Center for Service and Learning on-campus at the Wilkinson Student Center or at its website to learn about how you can give back to the community and beyond.
  • Community Action is a Provo nonprofit organization that fights poverty by meeting people's immediate needs like food and shelter and long-term needs like financial stability and social self-sufficiency. Visit the Community Action website for more details on how you can get involved.
  • The UVU Volunteer Center can help you find opportunities in the community to serve. To learn more about its service-learning programs, go here.
  • Volunteer Match, an online service, connects volunteers with volunteer opportunities. To date, Volunteer Match has hosted 97,806 participating volunteer organizations and made 8,034,197 referrals since 1998.


Still want to know more? Check out our Provology 101 program! This program provides a  behind the scenes look on how Provo runs and how you can engage with the City in a meaningful way.