RAP Local Arts Grant

The Provo RAP Local Arts Grants are designed use a portion of the RAP tax fund to support high quality arts projects in Provo City. Interested groups or individuals can apply for grants up to $5,000. Only one application will be accepted per organization each year.   All applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Provo Arts Council and grants will be distributed according to the amount of funds available (approximately $25,000 in 2018). Qualifying cultural arts disciplines include visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, and arts education. The Provo Arts Council is interested in both large scale and individual art projects.

All applications must be received by Provo City by 5:00pm on the June 1. The Provo City Arts Council will notify the Provo City Council of their decision on June 18th of each year. Distribution of grant funding will not be made until after July 1st of each year and after the organization has submitted the required agreement and W-9. Grant funds must be spent by last day of the following June. If proposed project is not completed, reimbursement may be sought.

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