Weekly virtual class schedules can be found on our Facebook, Instagram, and HERE.

Monday - Friday at 5:30AM we will release new pre-recorded workout videos on our Facebook and YouTube video libraries that can be accessed throughout the week at your convenience!

Monday - Saturday at 9:00AM we will stream a LIVE HIGH Fitness, Zumba or WOD U-Jam class through Zoom to prevent issues with streaming live music on other platforms.

You can join all of our LIVE Zoom classes using this link or our Meeting ID 801-852-6600 (our phone number) at class time.

Look for more one-on-one accountability or a program designed just for you?

Many of our trainers are still offering virtual personal training and workout programs to help you get through this time away from Provo Recreation Center. Cody, Devin, Rachel, Lexie, Jenessa, Hannah and Maria are all accepting clients. You can view their bios and contact information

Survival Tips for Busy Season at The Gym
(1)   Class Etiquette:
In order to guarantee a spot, make a reservation via the Provo Rec Center app and arrive at least 5 minutes early to class. Cancel your reservation if you’re unable to attend to allow other patrons to attend. If class is full when you arrive, please do not enter, class numbers are set to provide a safe, enjoyable experience.
(2)   Try the Fieldhouse:
The Fieldhouse at the Peaks Ice Arena typically has lots of gym floor availability during non-class times. Our classes there are at 6AM, 9AM, 6PM and 7PM. 
(3)   Mix it up:
Use equipment that you can take anywhere in the gym rather than sticking to machines. If you aren’t sure how to use anything except machines, consider hiring one of our Personal Trainers at The Fieldhouse or attending a Fitness 101 Orientation on the Provo Rec fitness floor. We also just launched the Provo Rec Performance App (Apple link) (Google Link) that offers workouts, an exercise library and the ability to log your workouts!
(4)   Have a plan but be willing to deviate:     
If a piece of equipment you need isn’t available, start on a different part of your plan and return back to that exercise when the equipment becomes available. Having back-up exercises that target the same muscles is a solid way to make sure you still get a great workout in.
(5)   Share:
We do require patrons share equipment. If you see someone waiting, offer to let them take turns with you whenever possible. Or, if you think you can reasonably take turns with someone who is using a piece of equipment – kindly ask them!
(6)   Observe Gym Etiquette:
Let our Fitness Attendants know when patrons are not following rules or being courteous (e.g. you ask a patron to take turns on the lat pull down and they refuse). Sometimes people just need a kind reminder that someone else is waiting!
(7)   Have one body-weight workout you can do if all else fails:
Have something you can do in a small open space with nothing but yourself and maybe a mat! Our basketball courts are an option when it comes to completing these kinds of workouts and a good option especially for those who can’t use the equipment because they have a child who is under 14 years old with them.
(8)   Clean up!
Wipe down your equipment, store your items in the lockers and let us know specifically if you see any areas that need attention! We want to keep both facilities clean and need your help keeping them tidy!
(9)   Bring a Friend!
It can be hard to stick with your routine and resolutions. Bring a friend that can help keep you accountable. Or make a new friend in your favorite group exercise class!
(10)   Track Your Progress!
The new Provo Rec Performance App (Apple link) (Google Link) has the ability to jump on a workout plan, connect with our trainers, join one of our challenges, or more.
(11)   Have Fun!
We're called a recreation center for a reason! If there is something we can do to help you have fun while you work out this winter, let us know. We want to do our best to help you leave a little sweatier, a little happier, and a little less stressed. 


For the most up-to-date class schedules, please check out the “Provo  Recreation Center” app. This app can be found on both your iPhone and Android devices.

A Provo Recreation Center membership gives you access to two, state-of-the art fitness centers right here in Provo! Our fitness mezzanine located at the Provo Recreation Center and “The Fieldhouse” located at Peaks Ice Arena provide an amazing workout experience for both adults and teens (14+). Our superior equipment comes from both Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, spreading out across the 10,000 square foot area at Provo Rec and the 7,000 square foot Fieldhouse. The Recreation Center additionally houses 2 group fitness studios, 1 spin studio, and an indoor track.

We offer more than 170 extraordinary group fitness classes (including specialty classes for youth, post-partum parents and seniors) and open gym from open to close. If you’re looking to get started or take your current training to the next level, outstanding Personal Trainers are also available at The Fieldhouse. Please be aware of our Fitness Etiquette Guidelines. Find out more about the classes by reading the Fitness Class Descriptions.

Calendar Class Schedule

With an infinite amount of options to choose from on our schedule, you can’t go wrong! Not only do we offer a huge variety of classes, we strive to offer the best fitness instructors around. A few of the classes include: Fieldhouse Fitness, Cycle, HIGH Fitness, Barre, Olympic Style Weight Lifting, Insanity, Pilates, Powerlifting, RIP, Silver Sneakers, Zumba, and Yoga. Come check one out today! Get the most up-to-date schedule on our App. Search for "Provo Recreation Center" on your mobile device.

*Check Provo Rec Center App for Fitness 101 times and any class cancellations

Weight room The Fieldhouse 

Whether you’re an experienced lifter, a TRX regular, or someone looking for a new routine, The Fieldhouse has a workout for you. Designed to break up the monotony that we can all experience from time to time at the gym, The Fieldhouse offers unique classes, open gym, and access to the best personal training on the market to get you the results you want. A Recreation Center membership or day pass purchased at Peaks Ice Arena gets those ages 14+ access to the space as a part of the Provo Triple Play Access offerings. Personal training sessions are not included and come at an additional fee.

Related Image Personal Training

Starting a workout regimen with new movements and lifts can be intimidating. Perhaps you’re not reaching your goals or you’re training for an upcoming event and are seeking extra motivation and guidance. Look no further than personal trainers at The Fieldhouse. Our team of trainers has been carefully curated to deliver a variety of experience and specialized training for our member base. Pricing, session length, packages, and more vary per trainer. See our trainer listing or the front desk for trainer biographies and contact information.

Training sessions are registered with and paid directly to these trainers; as such, refund policies, cancellation policies, etc. vary per trainer. Please carefully consider and research your options before committing to a purchase; email Fitness Coordinator Lauren Ledoux for details and inquiries.

Personal training will not be available or accessible at The Recreation Center. Personal trainers will also not solicit business at The Recreation Center. The low-pressure environment and legacy of family-focused fitness enjoyed there will continue to be maintained. Training at The Fieldhouse is only permitted with approved trainers who have booked time with Fieldhouse administrative staff.

  • Pre & Postnatal Fit New-Moms-Fitness-crop Pre & Postnatal Fit classes were designed to make it safe, convenient and fun for mom’s to get back into the gym and enjoy the many benefits of exercise for post-partum women. The goal of the class is to improve posture, stability and mobility through gentle cardio and strength intervals, while providing a positive and uplifting environment for the participants. The class will offer varying levels of exercises so that those who have been cleared by their doctor to exercise, can attend and get a great workout that meets their needs! Babies ages 6 months and under are allowed, but not required to attend this class and must be brought to class in a stroller or car seat. Please review the class safety information before attending and get ready for a great workout! Find out more about this program. More >>

  • Youth Strength & Conditioning youth-fitness Have an aspiring young athlete or just looking for ways to get your kiddos moving? Come join us for our Youth Strength and Conditioning class Saturdays at 10am at The Fieldhouse! The class is for children ages 10-14 and will focus on age-appropriate weight lifting, agility, speed, athletic footwork, balance and functional training. Parents/guardians must remain within eyesight of their child and are welcome to do their own workout while class is going on! Please make sure your child has a water bottle and comfortable clothing.

  • Pedaling for Parkinson's bike-black-and-white You don’t have to have a Parkinson's diagnosis to attend and benefit from our Pedaling for Parkinson's class, however riding an indoor stationary bicycle has been shown to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms by as much as 35%! This class is a great option for anyone looking for a great workout at a manageable pace. We especially encourage individuals attending bring a friend or family member to class with them! This class is free for Provo Rec Center Members or only a $5 day pass admission.

  • Kids Zumba & Yoga kids-zumba Our Zumba Kids and Yoga Kids classes are a blast for everyone involved! Is there a better way to keep your kids healthy, happy, and fit? Not to mention the added benefit of being a physical outlet where they can release some of that energy that they never seem to run out of! Let your little ones, 4 years old and up join us for these great classes with fantastic instructors! Check the Provo Rec app for class times!

  • Fieldhouse Specialty Classes highfive2 All classes at The Fieldhouse are taught by high qualified certified Personal Trainers who are ready to coach you through whichever class format you choose. These classes include TRX, Weight Training, Powerlifting, Olympic Style Weight Lifting, Fieldhouse Fitness, HIIT and Mobility, 30 HIIT/30 Weights and Metabolic Resistance Training! All levels of fitness are welcome with careful instruction by our trainers to give you the workout you are looking for. Check out the Provo Rec App for class descriptions and don’t be afraid to come on by!

  • Senior Fitness Programming seniors-stretching Regular exercise can help older adults stay independent and prevent many health problems that come with age. We offer 60+ only Zumba classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. We also offer a variety of low impact classes like Silver Sneakers, Silver Sneakers Yoga, Zumba Gold and aquatic classes that provide a safe environment for seniors looking to gain muscular strength, balance and range of motion.

man using weights Weight Equipment

We strive to have the highest quality weight equipment and machines on hand for those look to change their physique. Our two lines of strength equipment offered are Hammer Strength as well as the LifeFitness Signature Series. Both of these lines offer superior isolation for muscle groups as well as modifications for those wanting a simple and effective burn. We have become well known for superior maintenance of our equipment and having a clean facility!