The Fieldhouse


Welcome to The Fieldhouse—a 21st century fitness experience. Whether you’re an experienced lifter, a TRX regular, or someone looking for a new routine, The Fieldhouse has a workout for you. Designed to break up the monotony that we can all experience from time to time at the gym, The Fieldhouse offers dozens of classes, open gym time, and access to the best personal training on the market to get you the results you want. A Recreation Center membership or day pass purchased at Peaks Ice Arena gets those ages 14+ access to the space as a part of the Provo Triple Play Access offerings. Personal training sessions are not included and come at an additional fee.

FALL CLASS SCHEDULE - For the most up to date schedule, download the Provo Rec Center App - Open Gym is NOT available during classes

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The 7,000 sq. ft. gym has been designed with a functional workout in mind. A 30 yd. turf strip allows for sprints, agility drills, sled pushing, and more. Top of the line Ecore flooring on the remaining areas features equipment and open space for plyometrics, cardio, jump roping, boxes, kettlebells, dumbbells, slam balls, battle ropes, etc. 

Looking to lift heavy? We’ve installed a structure that includes 6 squat racks with built in deadlift platforms for squats, cleans, deadlifts, and other advanced lifts. Each of the racks are connected by bridges that allow for attachments for pull ups, muscle ups, TRX, ring work, and more. An additional 2 half racks and 2 functional cable machines are also available (but optimized for trainer use when needed).

A handful of functional-gym cardio equipment finishes the space, with rowers, aerodynes, spin bikes and hand cranks.

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To meet the diverse needs and levels of our patrons, we offer both open gym time and programmed class time to members. Classes that are part of The Fieldhouse group fitness programming are included in the cost of a Recreation Center membership. Classes include various formats such as “Fieldhouse Fitness” where participants work with certified personal trainers to improve their agility, strength, speed, resistance, core, and balance. This class usually incorporates functional movement training in a multi station, high intensity interval workout.

Specialized classes in lifting, TRX, functional mobility, and metabolic resistance training are also offered throughout the week. All fitness levels are welcome to attend and participate at their own speed! Patrons should download The Provo Recreation Center app to reserve a spot in these classes. Class schedules can be viewed via the app, at our front desk or on our website.

When a class is not in session, Open-Gym is available for patrons to attend. During these sessions, patrons can come and complete their workout at leisure. While this experience is similar to coming to The Recreation Center and exercising, the size of this area is more limited. As such, patrons should use The Provo Recreation Center App to ‘reserve’ a spot in the gym for their workout. At the end of the hour, patrons may be asked to conclude their workout session to make room for the next group coming into the space for either a class or the next round of open gym time. During non-peak usage (10AM-4PM), patrons are able to drop in, extend past their reserved time, etc. However, during peak times and months (evenings, Jan-March) patrons are encouraged to use the reservation system. As space permits, patrons may be allowed to book up to 2 consecutive open-gym times per day. Open gym is open to patrons 14+.

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Starting a workout regimen with new movements and lifts can be intimidating. Perhaps you’re not reaching your goals or you’re training for an upcoming event and are seeking extra motivation and guidance. Look no further than personal trainers at The Fieldhouse. Our team of trainers has been carefully curated to deliver a variety of experience and specialized training for our member base. Pricing, session length, packages, and more vary per trainer. See our trainer listing or the front desk for a description and contact information of the personal trainers.

Training sessions are registered with and paid directly to these trainers; as such, refund policies, cancellation policies, etc. vary per trainer. Please carefully consider and research your options before committing to a purchase; email Fitness Coordinator Lauren Ledoux for details and inquiries.

Personal training will not be available or accessible at The Recreation Center. Personal trainers will also not solicit business at The Recreation Center. The low-pressure environment and legacy of family-focused fitness enjoyed there will continue to be maintained. Training at The Fieldhouse is only permitted with approved trainers who have booked time with Fieldhouse administrative staff. Please email Fitness Coordinator Lauren Ledoux for details and inquiries.

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Are lockers available?
Yes, coin-operated lockers are available on site at the Peaks Ice Arena. We plan to install the same electronic, complimentary lockers we have at The Recreation Center in time. For convenience, we encourage patrons to bring as little into the gym with them as possible.

Are showers available?
Yes, the Peaks Ice arena has 8 team locker rooms. When not in use for hockey teams, guests can check out a key from the front desk to use a room. The locker room has a shower, restroom, and changing area. Only one person may use each locker room at a time when not in use by a hockey team.

Can I purchase a day pass to The Fieldhouse?
Yes, day passes are available at the Peaks. It is $5 per day for users 17+, and $4 per day for youth 14-17.

I purchased a day pass at The Recreation Center. Can I use that to attend a class at The Fieldhouse?

No. The Provo Triple Play membership access is good for memberships. Any day pass purchase is only valid for a specific location. Purchasing a day pass for The Fieldhouse does not grant you access to ice skating or The Recreation Center—only to a Fieldhouse class or open gym session.

Is Child Watch available at Fieldhouse Fitness?
No. However, starting January 2, we will offer Pre-K Field Day classes for children ages 2-5. These classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-10AM and 10-11AM making it possible for parents to work out at The Fieldhouse while their children are in the facility participating in various sports and activities. These programs are not included in the cost of a membership or child watch membership and will cost $40 for a 4-week session. Registration dates, times, and information can be found in the Provo Recreation activity guide or online. See staff for details.

What are the hours of The Fieldhouse?
Hours may vary per season, but the facility is typically open 6AM-12AM Monday-Saturday. Open gym and drop-in workouts are not available when classes are in session— see The Provo Recreation Center App, front desk or our website for details and schedules.