Recreation Center Low Risk Plan

Subject to change if circumstances or directives dictate

The following strategies and policies are designed to guide the transition of the Provo Recreation Center in accordance with the Governor's Phased Guidelines for the General Public and Businesses to Maximize Public Health and Economic Reactivation under the “Low Risk” Ranges. Guidelines, where appropriate, were selected from the following sections:

  • Tiered Guidelines for the General Public
  • Outdoors and Recreation
  • General Employer Guidelines
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Personal Services (Personal Training, Swim lessons, etc)
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers 
  • Day Care
  • General Guidelines for Employers

Where conflicting, overlapping or ambiguous guidelines exist, the department director and management team will work to establish best-practices for each area that prioritize staff and public health and safety. Subject to change if circumstances or directives dictate.


Facility Opening General Operation hours are normal: Monday-Saturday, 5AM-10PM.

Entrance Fees are normal: $5/adults; $4/youth & seniors; 3 and under are free; or an active membership.

The Community Side of the facility will be open from 8AM-1PM and be limited to senior use only during this time. The Game Room will be open to the public from 1PM-10PM, please enter from the main south entrance. The east community entrance will only be accessible for seniors during 8AM-1PM. 

Leisure Swimming is available. 


Entrance Modifications

During Moderate & Low Risk operation, every patron & staff who enters the facility will receive a temperature check with a non-contact medical thermometer. Patrons who are experiencing a temperature of 100.4 or greater will not be permitted into the facility that day. No contact information or logging of patron’s temperatures will be recorded. To accommodate testing, the Recreation Center will use the main South Entrance and Outdoor Aquatic Kiosk.

The Community (east) entrance will only be open 8AM-1PM for seniors. 

  • Contactless payment options will be preferred.  
  • Registrations for memberships, programs etc will be encouraged online or by phone whenever possible. 
  • Memberships will be encouraged online or by phone.
Current MembershipsA valid membership or day pass will be required to use the facility.

Memberships Paid-in-full: Memberships that were paid in full have had all lost time added to the end of the membership. 

Memberships on Monthly Payment Plans: April and May payments were paused, payments will be charged in June on the 1st & 15th. 

Legacy 2020 Discount: As a thank you to our members for staying with us during this unusual time, we will be offering a Legacy 2020, 25% discount on 12 month memberships paid in full. This discount is available to members who had an up-to-date, active membership during our closure in March/April. This will not be combined with other discounts. 

For those currently on monthly payments, you will be able to cancel your current membership with no cancellation fee, and switch to a 12 month membership paid in full to receive the 25% discount. This discount is available to switch to until June 30, 2020. 

For those currently on an active, paid in full (3, 6, or 12 month) membership, you can switch to the Legacy 2020 discounted rate when you renew your membership. Valid for memberships that have not expired or been canceled, through March 2021 renewals. 

Discount does not apply to the Senior Pass or Child Watch Memberships. All other cancellations will still follow our normal cancellation policy. 

  • There will be no congregating on the pool deck and outdoor. All guests may use seating areas but must remain 6 feet apart from each other.

Leisure Swimming and Lap Swimming are available all day. 

Leisure swimming capacity will be lowered to encourage groups to social distance.


Aquatic Programs
• Lap Swim, Swim Team and Swim Lessons resumes with social distancing on deck
• Water Exercise classes have been reduced and class sizes will be limited to the Low Risk guidelines
• Aquatic Programs
     o Junior Guard
     o Piranhas Recreational Swim Team
     o Utah Valley Rays Club Swim Team

Drop-In Sports Activities

Starting Saturday, May 16, all drop-in sports will again be available at the Recreation Center. Pick-up full court basketball will begin May 16 and drop-in volleyball will begin May 22. Weekly gym schedules will be updated to reflect these new changes. Various social distancing guidelines are still in place.

Fitness Floor
  • Individuals will be responsible for maintaining their social distancing once on the fitness floor. 
  • Strength and Cardio equipment have been spaced out on the fitness floor to follow recommendations for social spacing.
  • Members will be required to wipe down each piece of equipment they come in contact with during their workout before placing it back, including machines, dumbbells, weight plates, belts, bands, benches, etc. 
  • Public-use workout mats will be removed from the floor at this time. 
  • Additional staff will be scheduled to work during Moderate Risk & Low Risk to encourage cleaning and social distancing, and to ensure that staff are also cleaning any touch-points on the floor. In addition to the equipment, these staff will clean handrails, water fountains, bathroom fixtures, equipment stands, glass, desks, doorknobs, etc.
  • Additional disinfectant spray bottles with paper towels, gym wipes, and hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the fitness floor. 

Fitness Programming

Some Fitness Classes will be eligible to commence during Moderate & Low Risk, with major changes and modifications. 

  • In classes, there will be no team or group activities. 
  • No touching, sharing equipment, or physical interaction with other participants in the studio. 
  • Classes will end 10 minutes early to allow for each patron to clean and disinfect every item used during the workout. 
  • Spin studio bikes have been reduced and spaced out.
  • Fitness studio participant max has been reduced.
  • Program Studio participant max has been reduced.
  • Studios will place markers on the ground to guide patrons in selecting a space that is in compliance with social distancing guidelines. 
  • Classes staggered to avoid lines or crowds gathering at peak times. 
  • Continue to offer and encourage a number of at-home workout options as part of member fitness experience. 
  • All iPads and check-in requirements will be removed from patrons. Staff, when needed, will manage contactless check-in process. 
  • Class reservations are strongly encouraged, but there are often walk-in sports open due to canceled reservations. 

We will continuously reassess conditions regarding classes geared toward high-risk individuals and gradually add classes back in. 

We hope to be able to allow more people in classes soon. As an alternative, you can download the Provo Rec Performance App and use our free workout programs and video classes. (Apple link) (Google Link)

Fieldhouse at Peaks Ice ArenaRevised hours: Monday-Saturday, 6AM-10PM
  • No group classes
  • 50 person cap
    • This will be monitored by the front desk
    • Card scanner will be turned off to allow for staff to count and monitor capacity
  • Equipment will be moved to maintain social distancing
  • More gym wipes will be spread throughout the facility
  • Personal training is allowed but a 10-foot perimeter must be maintained

Child Watch Child Watch hours will remain the same: Monday-Saturday, 8AM-1PM; Monday-Friday, 4PM-9PM.

We will be maintaining lowered capacity to ensure distancing and additional cleaning of toys and spaces. We will increase capacity as we are able to hire and train new staff.  Reservations are highly recommended! 

  • Most toys will be removed from the child watch environment. Every toy that remains must be cleaned and disinfected after every child has touched the toy. 
  • The line to pick up and drop off will use markers on the floor to encourage social distancing among parents.  
  • The sink in child watch will be used as a regular hand-washing station by children and staff. 
  • No iPad or check-in will be used by the patrons. Instead staff will manage a contactless drop-off procedure. 
  • Child watch will be limited to 75 minutes per child, per day--encouraging patrons to help us allow for more of our patrons to have access to this service. 


Concessions will open Friday, May 22. Hours will be 12PM-8PM

Menu will be simplified to prioritize ‘grab-and-go’ items

Various pre-packaged items are still available for pick up at the Front Desk, including bottled drinks, snack bars, etc. 

Seating will be spread throughout the outdoor pool area to discourage congregating. 


Locker Rooms

Family locker rooms and general population locker rooms are open and available to patrons. Social distancing guidelines are encouraged at all times. 

  • Patrons are encouraged, whenever possible, to shower and use the restroom at home. 
  • Additional Custodial staff will be scheduled to ensure a tighter rotation on cleaning and sanitizing locker rooms during operating hours.   
Senior Services


The Senior Specialist is available between the hours of 8AM-1PM. (801) 852-6043

CURBSIDE ONLY meal pick-up available from 11:30AM-1PM
Drive-up & Stay in Your Vehicle by Tennis Courts
- Senior Meal Program
- Ensure
- Food Bags
We will not be collecting cash donations for lunch. If seniors want to make a donation for ensure, our Senior Specialist will run your card and bring you a receipt.


Track Time - M-F 10AM-12PM
Game Room - 8AM-1PM (senior-exclusive use)
Wellness Room - 8AM-10PM
Computer Lab & Library - 8-3PM

Temperature Checks and 6ft Social Distancing Required
Masks Strongly Encouraged


Equipment Check-OutBasketballs, racquets, glasses, and other check-out equipment will be sanitized between each use. Bringing your own equipment is encouraged. 

Reservations for courts are strongly encouraged.