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Woman at deskCity Recorder The City Recorder is the Records Management official, which includes all city resolutions, ordinances, Council meeting minutes, and all city contracts. The Recorder is also the election officer and grants administrator for Provo City. The city recorder also handles City Elections, both in the administration of and the posting of election results. Additionally the city recorder handles all GRAMA requests.

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city modelCommunity Development The Community Development Department is responsible for regulating all the land development that takes place within the city. The department is made up of three divisions: Planning, Zoning and Building. These three divisions work together to provide the city with an aesthetically pleasing, clean and safe environment. 

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Knight Block CropEconomic Development The Economic Development Department is responsible for encouraging economic growth in Provo City. This is done in part by working with Provo City's marketing team to brand the city well in an effort to bring new businesses to Provo and also encourage growth in existing businesses. Economic Development works hard to ensure that we attract businesses that will work well with the available workforce and meets the needs of our growing community.

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work fieldFinance Finance is a division of Administrative Services. The Finance Division provides financial and administrative support for internal and external customers. This is achieved by providing meaningful financial reports, timely financial information, review of budgetary and internal controls and the safekeeping of city assets. The Finance Division includes Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Collections. The Finance Division is also responsible for all city-wide budget functions.

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lady in front of fire engineFire Department Provo Fire & Rescue has provided fire protection and emergency response since 1890, and today is a modern, professional, all-hazards response organization. 

Provo Fire & Rescue provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services, including fire, paramedic transport, hazardous materials, rescue, fire prevention services, and public education.

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business peopleHuman Resources The Human Resources Division strives to maintain a high-quality work environment with competitive compensation and benefits.  We seek to engage, attract, develop, support and retain the best workforce to provide exceptional customer service to Provo Residents.

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Hands on computerInformation Systems The Information Systems Division builds and maintains Provo City’s technology infrastructure to support information access and technology utilization. A key objective of the Information Systems Division is to more easily provide access for residents to do business with Provo and to provide the most up-to-date information available.

Information systems also has a GIS department that manages all of the cities maps.

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court roomJustice Court The Provo City Justice Court provides community oriented justice that focuses on the needs of Provo City. The justice court has authority over Class B and Class C misdemeanors, infractions and violations of city ordinances including parking and zoning violations committed within the boundaries of Provo City. The court also resolves small claims that fall within Provo City’s jurisdiction.

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Legal BooksLegalThe Legal Office provides the City with a broad range of legal services. It is responsible for the City’s legal affairs including serving as the legal advisor to the Mayor, Municipal Council, and City departments, agencies, boards and commissions. The Office is created and governed by Utah statutes and Provo City ordinances.

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boys in jerseysParks & Recreation Parks & Recreation cover such a wide variety of programs and facilities that this webpage presents them as two different departments. However, the truth is that it is the same amazing group of people who are keeping the parks looking pristine and still managing the Recreation Center, the Gun Range and even the Covey Center.

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police at briefingPolice

We work with citizens to improve quality of life, safeguard liberties, solve problems, and stop crime. 

We provide proactive service in a professional, compassionate manner.

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inspectionPower The Energy Department provides reliable electricity with superior customer service at a competitive price to the residents and businesses in Provo. The Department operates and maintains over 35,000 meters, 380 miles of distribution lines, 48 miles of transmission lines and 18 substation transformers. Provo City Power is the largest municipally owned electric utility in the state.

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construction workersPublic Works The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining over 277 miles of streets, curb gutter and sidewalk, snow removal and over 90 traffic signals. Collecting 25,000 containers of garbage, green waste and recyclables. Delivering on average 25,000 gallons of fresh water through 384 miles of water main to over 18,000 water connections, processing on the average of 15 million gallons of waste water daily at the reclamation plant, keeping clear over 123 miles of storm drain and managing all functions at the Provo City Airport. Managing the fleet of city cars, trucks, construction equipment, emergency vehicles and sanitation trucks is also done at the public works facility.

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Facade frontRedevelopment The Redevelopment Agency is charged primarily with undertaking programs and projects to revitalize Provo’s central business district (CBD) and the surrounding central-city neighborhoods. The Redevelopment Agency also can be called upon to provide tax increment financing for economic development projects outside the CBD and central neighborhoods. 

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