Community Development

  • City Center Temple Provo City Center Temple web 90 S University Ave . Overall Valuation: $90,000,000. Overall Square Footage: 85,048 sf. Anticipated Completion: 2015. On 10/17/10 a four-alarm fire engulfed the Provo Tabernacle leaving only the exterior walls standing. On 10/1/11, the President of the Church announced that it would be rebuilt and restored as the Provo City Center Temple. Ground was broken and the site dedicated on 5/12/12.

  • Southwest Area Plan Southwest Area Neighborhood Plan The Southwest Area Neighborhood Plan encompasses four of the City’s neighborhoods: Lakewood, Sunset, Provo Bay, and Fort Utah. This new study has presented an exciting opportunity for the City and its residents to re-evaluate previous policies for possible updates and improvements. It is anticipated that the Southwest Area will play an active and important role in the future of the city.

  • UVRMC Replacement UVRMC Replacement Project The Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (UVRMC) Replacement Project will include a new twelve-story, 236-bed hospital building; an outpatient specialty clinic building; campus wide site improvements; and a new grounds and life flight building. The project will integrate sustainable building strategies and building systems into the overall design and will pursue a LEED silver certification. The overall building area is approximately 600,000 square feet which includes both new and renovation project area.

  • Franklin Neighborhood Franklin Neighborhood Plan The Franklin Neighborhood Plan is a product of Community Development Staff and a neighborhood advisory committee working together to envision the best possibilities for the neighborhood’s future. The Plan has been developed under the mandate established by Vision 2030 to create neighborhood-specific plans and it furthers the objectives of the Provo City General Plan. More >>

  • Downtown Streetscapes Downtown Streetscape Standards Provo City staff is currently working to develop streetscape standards for Downtown Provo which will encourage homogenous development patterns while still providing an opportunity for each property to express individuality. These standards will aim to address important factors such as street tree health and pedestrian safety while working to enhance the aesthetic experience of the downtown environment.

building modelAbout Us The Community Development Department is responsible for regulating all the land development that takes place within the city. The department is made up of four divisions: Planning, Zoning, Building, and Property Management/Ombudsman. These divisions work together to provide the city with an aesthetically pleasing, clean and safe environment. 

The Planning Division is focused on the future. Planning balances socio-economic forces, natural resources, and public input to promote sound and orderly development in Provo. Planning ensures that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for our city. 

Zoning is a tool of Planning. It oversees the division of land according to different uses in order to avoid nuisances and to promote healthy and orderly development. The zoning division enforces the ordinances in Title 14 of the Provo City Code

The Building Division ensures that public and private structures are built to meet proven community design standards in order to protect lives and preserve investments.

The Ombudsman helps resolve problems with issues related to services provided by the City of Provo. An ombudsman is a liaison or mediator between citizens and government agencies. In addition to the Ombudsman duties, the Property Manager is responsible for handling issues with all real property owned by Provo City including: lease agreements, easements, rights-of-way, and property acquisitions.
talking-to-front-desk-lady2Help Us Serve You Better Provo City strives to provide a high level of service to the community, and we value the opinion of our customers. Please take a few moments to complete a survey regarding your experience with the Development Application Process.