Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee

The Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee is made up of seven regular members and two alternates. Members are citizens appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Municipal Council. The Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee makes recommendations regarding amendments to the City’s Vision 2030 document, the General Plan, transportation master plan, major and local street plan, and any other planning document that impacts transportation and mobility, among other duties (see Provo City Code 14.04B).

The Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee meets once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Meetings may be canceled due to lack of items needing to be heard. The meetings begin at 12:30PM in the Community Development Conference Room. For more meeting dates view our 2020 Meeting Schedule.

Click on the meeting in the calendar below to view the Agenda, Staff Reports and Reports of Action for that meeting.

Agendas are posted approximately one week before the meeting date. There are not regular staff reports for this committee; however any information sent to the board members for review before the meeting will be posted on the web approximately one day before the meeting. Reports of Action (minutes) are posted approximately two weeks after the meeting.

If you have questions about the Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee, please call the Planning Secretary at (801) 852-6425.