The purpose of Building Inspection is to ensure public and private structures are built to meet proven community design standards in order to protect lives and preserve investments.

3d-tools Building in ProvoIf you’re interested in building something within the Provo City limits, please refer to our Building In Provo page. This page details the role of each department as well as the requirements for different types of residential and commercial projects.

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transparent-with-building Structural Design RequirementsThe tables below list the structural design requirements for Provo, Utah. These specifications are taken from the 2015 International Building Code. For more information about doing construction in Provo, visit our Building In Provo page.

Roof Snow Load
Ground Snow Load
Wind Speed
Seismic Design Category
Winter design temp.
Flood Hazard
30 lbs./sq. ft.
40 lbs./sq. ft. on benches
43 lbs./sq. ft.

115 mph - 3 Second Gust
75 mph - Fastest Mile
Exposure C

D2 8 Degrees
FEMA 1988
 Subject to Damage From
 Weather Frost Line Depth
 Severe  30 inches
 Moderate  Slight

man-loves-blue Monthly Permit ReportsEach month the Building Division of Community Development prepares a list of building permits that were issued in the previous month. View these reports by clicking the 'Building Forms & Handouts' link in the column to the right, then clicking the 'Monthly Permit Reports' link. Historic reports can be requested by calling the Building Division at (801) 852-6450.

meeting-with-three Appeal InformationIf you would like information about appealing a decision made by Community Development Staff or one of our Boards and Commissions, see our Appeal Information page.

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