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Provo Parking and Mobility Management

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Car Parking

The Best Gift is You


Downtown Provo has over 10,000 parking spaces--over 58 acres! You'll want to use parking garages for stays longer than two hours. See a printable version of the downtown parking map here.

See an interactive map of downtown parking here. Type in an address and find parking near your destination!

Around BYU

The streets south of BYU campus are full of parked cars more than any other area in the city. Be a good neighbor by limiting the number of cars your family has parked on the road. Replace driving with public transit, walking, or biking and you might not need that extra car--think of all the money you'll save!

Students, both BYU and UVU will give you free transit passes. By combining bike, bus, and train, you can get most anywhere you need without a car. Please consider not bringing one to college!

Permit Areas

Due to high demand and limited supply, some areas of Provo are designated permit parking areas--meaning parking is mostly limited to residents of the area. Residents can purchase parking permits here.


Our parking enforcement crew works around the clock to keep our streets clear and safe. Pay your ticket here.

Strategic Plan

In 2015, Provo City adopted a plan to manage parking. You can read that document here.


Active Transportation

The healthiest, cheapest, and most fun way to get around

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Provo is designated a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists; check out Provo's report card here. With about 4,000 Provo residents biking to work each day--and thousands more biking to school--Provo has about three times as many people biking for transportation than the average US city (3.3% vs. 1.1%). If you haven't ridden a bike in a while, join thousands of your neighbors who do it safely each day--try it out!

Bike Parking

Biking can be faster than driving in urban areas because you don't have to search for somewhere to park; usually it's right in front of your destination. Check out a map of bike parking spots here. Do you see missing racks? Add them to the map!

Bike Routes

Provo City is reshaping its streets to make them safer for biking. If you'd like to encourage more investment in bicycle infrastructure, consider joining BikeProvo's advocacy efforts.

Download the bike routes map of Provo here.
Download the bike routes map of BYU here.


Up to nineteen percent of residents in east Provo (Senate District 16) walk to work or school each day. Walking is healthy, inexpensive, fast in dense areas, and stress-relieving.  

Zagster Bike and Scooter Share

In August 2019, Zagster launched a 500-vehicle scooter share to help Provo residents make short trips without using a car. Bikeshare will soon come as part of that. 

For general information about the scooter share program, please see Spin's website. To report an improperly parked or broken scooter, please call Spin at 1-888-249-9698. For Provo-specific safety tips and rules, see this PDF. See our answer sheet to your frequently asked questions about scootershare in Provo.


Public Transit

A safe, affordable, and convenient way to get around


UTA UVX Bus Rapid Transit (best for short trips in the Provo-Orem area)

UTA's UVX bus is the fastest in town. With pickups every 6-10 minutes, you don't even need to plan your schedule around it. It has 18 stops--including Provo Towne Centre mall, Provo Central Station, downtown Provo, Provo Library, BYU (campus and football stadium), MTC, University Place Mall, UVU, Orem Frontrunner Station, and so many other destinations. It's also FREE until 2021! Learn more about UVX here.

UTA Bus Services (services the most destinations) 

UTA has 120 bus routes that span 1,400 miles. They've even got one that goes to Sundance during ski season! Find bus routes and schedules here.

UTA Frontrunner Rail (best for long trips)

The Frontrunner commuter rail system is the safest and most comfortable way to get to Salt Lake City and beyond. Relax and enjoy the free wi-fi as you cruise pass dangerous and stressful rush hour traffic on I-15. Learn more about Frontrunner here.

Amtrak Rail (best for cross-country trips)

Amtrak's California Zephyr travels from Chicago to San Francisco and stops in Provo every day. It's the most comfortable and scenic way to travel outside the state; plus, you can bring a bicycle aboard! Learn more about Amtrak's California Zephyr and the other routes it connects to here.

The Ryde Shuttle (best for BYU students)

The Ryde is designed for BYU students and visits nearly every major housing area--south of campus, King Henry, Branbury, Wyview, Wymount, etc. It passes through each stop literally dozens of times per day and is free for BYU students! See routes and times for The Ryde here.

Please note that certain UVU and BYU ID cards also act as transit passes, giving you unlimited UTA transit access for free! Please check with your school to see if you're eligible.