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The Provo Online Portal is here! Create an account and apply for Planning applications and more at Provo.Org/Portal. All applications will be completed and submitted online, but checklists for those applications are available in the Planning Handouts section of this page for your review. For any further instruction, please contact the Planning Division at 801-852-6419.



Planning is focused on the future. Planning balances socio-economic forces, natural resources, and public input to promote sound and orderly development in Provo. Planning ensures that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for our city. If you want information about starting a construction project in Provo, please visit our Build in Provo page.  For general planning questions, please call 801-852-6419.

Provo Landscape Vision 2030 By the year 2016, the Vision 2030 Plan had been in use for six years and was in need of review and update. Additionally, the 2010 General Plan was in need of review and update as well.

Beginning in January or February of 2016, the Provo Municipal Council began discussions of how the Vision 2030 Plan and the General Plan should best be melded into one guiding document for policy direction within the City. It was determined that the goals and objectives contained within Chapter One of the General Plan would be combined with the goals and objectives from the Vision 2030 Plan and that the combination of these goals and objectives would become Chapter One of the updated General Plan. This updated Chapter One would be referred to as Vision 2050 as the goals and objectives have been amended to consider 30 years of additional growth within the City.

The updated Provo City Vision 2050 document is the fruit of that effort and purpose; to combine the General Plan and Vision 2030 into one, unified document.

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Parking Strategic Parking Plan The Planning Division is developing a Strategic Parking Plan for the city and a draft of the plan is now available for review.
Giant Code BookProvo City CodeThe City's Code is available online and is hosted by Code Publishing. Our City Council has chosen Code Publishing because it allows for a more interactive experience while reviewing our city code. If you have questions regarding our city's codes and laws please
take a look.

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100 SouthNeighborhood Plans

Provo’s planning division has been tasked with developing neighborhood level plans throughout the city. The Vision 2030 process identified neighborhood planning as a key objective within Section 2: Land Use and Growth.

Objective 2.1.1 Identify exceptional areas that would benefit from area specific master plans, where the city would conduct a detailed land-use analysis. The objective is for a plan for every neighborhood.

Neighborhood Plans provide an opportunity for neighborhood residents and other stakeholders to participate with planning staff in envisioning the future. Provo’s many neighborhoods vary greatly in terms of age, visual character, demographic makeup and stability. The neighborhood planning process assesses each neighborhood’s characteristics, gleaning key insights from residents about strengths and weaknesses as well as desires for the future. Then together, planning staff and neighborhood stakeholders refine a vision for and a path to the future. Planning staff then applies their expertise and experience in drafting a plan to guide each neighborhood into this envisioned future.

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hand with pens Appeal InformationIf you would like information about appealing a decision made by staff or one of our Boards and Commissions, see our Appeal Information page.

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vector green map General PlanThe term "general plan" describes a general, comprehensive, long-range statement of goals and related policies to guide future growth and development of a city. The term "general plan" is often used synonymously with "comprehensive plan" and "master plan."

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black binderStandard Land Use Code

The Provo City Zoning Code lists permitted and conditional uses for each zone. The use codes listed in the city code correlate with the City’s Standard Land Use Code. The Provo City Land Use Code is derived from the commonly used Standard Land Use (SLU) Coding Manual which was originally developed and published in 1969 by the US Department of Transportation.

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