General Plan

The term "general plan" describes a general, comprehensive, long-range statement of goals and related policies to guide future growth and development of a city. The term "general plan" is often used synonymously with "comprehensive plan" and "master plan."

This plan is comprehensive because it seeks to coordinate all the interrelated systems of the city and all properties within the city. While it is primarily a plan to guide the physical development or non-development of the city, it deals indirectly with social and political issues.

This plan is general in that it does not precisely locate every church, institution, store, school, apartment building, or house in the city. The general plan acts as a guide, establishing policies and procedures for growth, development, conservation, and location of various land use activities. Policies are based on an analysis of the population being served, the physical conditions of the land, the adequacy of public facilities, and the compatibility of land use.

Provo City's General Plan was originally adopted August 26, 1997. A comprehensive update was completed November 9, 2004 and August 3, 2010 pursuant to Title 15 Provo Municipal Code.

The General Plan text and maps are now hosted with the Provo City Code. You can view all the General Plan Appendices in the column on the right. You can also view the text of the 1997 and 2004 General Plans in the column on the right.