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Neighborhood Plans

Joaquin signJoaquin Neighborhood Plan

In October 2012, the Joaquin Neighborhood Plan process kicked off with a neighborhood meeting in the Provo Library at Academy Square. Residents, property owners and other stakeholders attended and discussed the past, present and future of the Joaquin Neighborhood. This meeting provided staff with an understanding of the state of the neighborhood as well as a thorough list of topics to consider during the planning process.

An advisory panel was assembled including Joaquin residents and property owners and first met on October 25, 2012. This panel assisted staff by providing insight, direction and feedback on the planning process as it progressed. For more information on how the planning process progressed, click the Learn More link below. Throughout the summer of 2013 planning staff have been drafting the plan document and receiving feedback from advisory panel members and others.

The Final Joaquin Neighborhood Plan is now available for review, if you have comments or suggestions please contact one of the Planners listed on the right.

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Knight Block Downtown Master Plan

The Downtown Master Plan is a guide for the future of Downtown Provo. The planning process was commenced in 2011, resulting in the release of a draft plan at the beginning of 2012. The plan has been presented to and reviewed by the Provo Planning Commission in study session and the final version based on the comments and feedback received in those sessions is being presented to the Planning Commission for their recommendation to the Municipal Council.

The Plan encompasses five planning districts; each district has unique characteristics that separate one from another. This plan is adopted as a supplement to the Provo City General Plan and as such reinforces and extends the goals and policies of the General Plan. Future development plans and improvements to the public realm must be consistent with both the General Plan and this Downtown Master Plan.

This plan has been developed in accordance with the goals of VISION 2030, an aspirational document outlining Provo’s vision for its future. This document has a stated aim that specific area plans be developed for the delineated neighborhoods within Provo, this is the first of these neighborhood plans. If you have comments on the draft plan, please contact us.

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Maeser Homes160x175Maeser Neighborhood Plan

The Maeser neighborhood is appreciated for its unique and inviting community. In an effort to build upon the strengths of this community and to fulfill goals from VISION 2030, the Planning Division has initiated the development of a long-range plan for the neighborhood.


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West Provo Master Plan Map Small Div Southwest Provo Neighborhood Plan

The Southwest Provo Neighborhood Plan area of study is defined as west of I-15 to Utah Lake and from the Provo River to the south interchange encompassing the Fort Utah, Provo Bay, Sunset and Lakewood Neighborhoods.  The first neighborhood meeting addressing new development in this area was held in March 2014.  This prefaced a series of steering committee meetings that began on April 24, 2014. 

This study presents an exciting opportunity for the City and its residents to evaluate existing policies and create a detailed plan that will protect the interests of the City and its residents, allowing for responsible development opportunities for various housing types and commercial nodes, while providing cohesive and usable open space amenities to soften and enhance the quality of life in this part of Provo City.

Franklin landing-page-1Franklin Neighborhood Plan

The process of creating a Franklin Neighborhood Plan began on May 7, 2014 with a kickoff meeting to the neighborhood at Franklin Elementary School. Around fifty residents, business owners, and landlords helped describe the things they like about Franklin and the issues that should be addressed for the future.

From that meeting, an Advisory Committee was put together to help city staff as we build ideas and create a document that can help guide the future of the Franklin Neighborhood.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 Community Development Staff continued to refine the plan with the help of the neighbors and Planning Commission. The final version of the plan was adopted by the Municipal Council in March of 2016 and is now an appendix to the Provo City General Plan.

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Southeast Area Southeast Neighborhoods Plan

Inclusive of the Provost, Provost South, and Spring Creek neighborhoods, the process for the Southeast Neighborhoods Plan began on January 13, 2015 with an attendance of nearly 80 residents, business owners, and other stakeholders. Over the next two years, nearly two dozen meetings were held in addition to individual emails, phones calls, and conversations from area stakeholders providing input for the plan.

With this input, Community Development staff provided a draft version of the plan which was then sent out for additional comment and feedback. The draft was refined further to eventually become the Southeast Neighborhoods Plan which was officially adopted by the Municipal Council on March 7, 2017 as an appendix to the General Plan.


timp neighborhoodTimp Neighborhood Plan

Starting in 2017, a committee of homeowners, landlords, business owners, tenants, BYU students, and City staff worked to draft the research and recommendations of the Timp Neighborhood Plan focusing on the future vision of the neighborhood.

After consideration of all stakeholders, including input received through other interested parties, the final draft was presented to the Planning Commission and Municipal Council. The Timp Neighborhood Plan was adopted on 10 July 2018 as an appendix to the General Plan.