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Franklin Neighborhood Plan

Old Home Franklin Neighborhood Plan

Provo’s goal in developing neighborhood plans throughout the city is to follow up with the VISION 2030 process and strategically update the goals and policies for land use and growth.

This plan will identify the characteristics, strengths, and opportunities in the Franklin neighborhood; while giving an opportunity for neighborhood residents and stakeholders to participate in the planning process.

At the end of this process, staff will produce a plan that refines a vision and a path to the future. The plan will be adopted by the Municipal Council and have implementation strategies to apply the ideas expressed in the Franklin Neighborhood Plan. 

To start the process of drafting a neighborhood plan, the Franklin Plan Advisory Committee and staff have listed some of the main goals that the neighborhood plan should address. You can review the goals here.

The final version of the plan has been adopted as an appendix to the General Plan and can be viewed here.