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Standard Land Use Code

The Provo City Zoning Code lists permitted and conditional uses for each zone. The use codes listed in the city code correlate with the City’s Standard Land Use Code. The Provo City Land Use Code is derived from the commonly used Standard Land Use (SLU) Coding Manual which was originally developed and published in 1969 by the US Department of Transportation. Within the Land Use Code, each permitted and conditional land use is assigned a four-digit number. The first digit of the number represents a broad classification of land uses, with the second digit representing a grouping of similar uses under the broader classification. The third and fourth digits are the particular uses within the larger grouping.  When either the third or fourth digits are zeros, the listing is meant to include all uses within the particular group under the last listed number. Also to be noted is that where included with a land use listing, “NEC” stands for Not Elsewhere Classified within the particular land use group.

You can view the City's Standard Land Use Code in the column on the right. There is a full version of the code as well as an alphabetical listing and numerical listing. Please contact us if you have questions about the Standard Land Use Code.