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Our Commitment  

The City of Provo is home to abundant natural resources that contribute to our quality of life. The City recognizes its role in preserving and protecting such resources as clean air, energy sources, agricultural areas, and undeveloped natural areas such as the Provo River, Utah Lake, Rock Canyon, and numerous others.

As the population of Provo grows, preservation of these natural resources becomes even more critical. The City recognizes the importance of sustainability—the ability to meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The City will act as a community partner in advocating the values and principles of sustainability among its employees, business owners, and residents, and encourage community members to do their part in contributing to the current and future vitality of the City of Provo.

What You Can Do

There are thousands of ways to live more sustainably, from large things like upgrading your home to be more efficient to small things like choosing to walk or bike instead of drive for a short trip to a friend's house. Many of these practices will not only reduce pollution but also save you money.

Here are some of our favorite resources for ideas on living more sustainably:

Employee Sustainability Committee

Provo City has an internal committee comprised of a representative of each department. This group meets monthly and works throughout the month to make their department's practices more sustainable. 

2018 Sustainability Report - 2018 Sustainability Report
2019 Sustainability Report - 2019 Sustainability Report

Citizens' Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee

Provo City has a committee of engaged citizens who work to inform the public about sustainable practices and encourage the Mayor and City Council to adopt environmentally-sustainable policies. Members of this committee are approved by the mayor. All interested citizens are welcome to attend the committee's monthly meetings (held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:15am in the Community Development conference room) as guests. 

To learn more about this committee, follow its Facebook page or contact the chair