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rubber stamp Purpose of ZoningZoning is a tool of Planning. It oversees the division of land according to different uses in order to avoid nuisances and to promote healthy and orderly development. The zoning division enforces the several Titles of the Provo City Code including the Zoning, Land Use and Development, Health & Sanitation, and Business Licensing to ensure that they are being followed correctly.

junk pile Submit a ComplaintIf you have concerns about poorly maintained properties, junk vehicles, or overgrown weeds in your neighborhood, call (801) 852-6420 or submit a complaint online.

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trashCommon Zoning ViolationsReview the list of common zoning violations to help you determine if a violation exists, and what type of violation it may be.

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parked cars Legal Use and Occupancy InformationProvo City Code Title 6.25 requires that anyone who is selling or leasing property in Provo must provide disclosure of zoning information to potential buyers or lessees. Provo City strongly advises all buyers of property or anyone who intends to occupy a rental unit to obtain correct zoning information prior to occupying or taking ownership of the property. Written documentation of the legal use of property, such as whether the property is a legal duplex, or whether an accessory apartment is legal at a property, can be obtained by requesting a Zone Verification letter which provides such information. The fee for a Zone Verification is $25 and can be applied for online. For more information about Zone Verifications please see the Zone Verification Instruction form. Payments may be made on your online account or over the phone at (801) 852-6420.

for rentRental Dwelling License InformationIf you are applying for a Rental Dwelling License you should review the Frequently Asked Questions so you will know what information is required to complete the application. You may apply for a license online. If you have any questions please call the Licensing Division at (801) 852-7834.

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people in a meeting Appeal InformationIf you would like information about appealing a decision made by Community and Neighborhood Department staff or one of our Boards and Commissions, see our Appeal Information page.

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looking at a big map Zone MapYou can view a static version of the City’s Zone map, or view the city’s interactive map to find your zone. If you have questions about how to use these maps you can call the Zoning Division at (801) 852-6420.

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