Development Services

building modelAbout Us The Development Services Department is responsible for regulating land development that takes place within the city.

Short Term Planning balances socio-economic forces, natural resources, and public input to promote sound and orderly development in Provo. Planning ensures that the decisions we make today will result in a viable and healthy future for our city. 

The Building Division ensures that public and private structures are built to meet proven community design standards in order to protect lives and preserve investments.

Electronic Meetings

Health concerns in light of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to limits on public gatherings. Provo City information on this can be found at We are continuing to hold hearings so we can conduct essential business. Adjustments have been made to respect Governor Herbert’s recommendations, while still providing community participation in our hearings. Executive Order 2020-01 waives the requirement for anchor location and some other requirements for public meetings/noticing. There will be no physical location for the meeting. Board and commission members, staff, and presenters will be participating from their individual locations electronically.

Watching the Meeting

The broadcast of the hearing will be available live, and later on demand, on Provo City's Channel 17 YouTube Channel. You will not need an account to view it.

Listen to the Meeting by Telephone

  • If you are unable to participate online, you can listen to the meeting in real-time over the phone.
  • Call one of the phone numbers below and wait for the instruction to dial the meeting ID (see below), followed by #. It will ask for a participant number, just press #. Several phone numbers are available. During high usage times, you may get a busy signal and will need to try a different phone number. 
    • 669-900-6833
    • 346-248-7799
    • 408 638-0968
    • 646-876-9923
    • 253-215-8782
    • 301-715-8592
    • 312-626-6799

Planning Commission (May 27, 2020) Meeting ID: 973 6494 4244

Public Comments

There are three ways to submit your comments/questions for the hearing:
  1. Email before the day of the meeting:
  2. Written submittal during the hearing: 
  3. Call during the hearing: mute/silence any external audio on your end to reduce feedback (you will be able to hear the meeting audio through the phone while you are on the line -- see call-in numbers above). Press *9 from your phone to indicate that you would like to speak. The meeting host will grant you speaking permission, calling on you by the last three digits of your phone number. Please begin by stating your first and last name, and city of residence for the record. After you have shared your comment, hang up (if you wish to comment on a later item, simply re-dial to rejoin the meeting).

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Note - your comments/questions will be part of the public record.