Targeted Industries

Strategic Plan Process

Completed in 2013, Avalanche Consulting helped Provo develop its first Citywide Economic Development Strategic Plan to guide the the growth of Provo over the next five years.  Engaged economic development stakeholders through a series of focus groups, interviews and online surveys.  Their analysis identified potential target industries to help Provo focus their marketing and development strategies.  Consultants The Plan is broken down into three reports: Competitive Evaluation, Target Industry Identification and Final Strategy.

Competitive Evaluation

This report includes a thorough evaluation of the City of Provo, including findings from stakeholder input sessions, evaluation of past reports and a mock site selection tour.  Also included is a detailed economic and demographic analysis of the city and region; a retail market analysis and leakage study; and an executive summary assessing overall competitiveness in a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) format.

Target Industry Identification

This report develops a list of recommended target industries that will be the focus of Provo's future economic development efforts.  Detailed profiles of each target industry, including local and global economic trends and potential opportunities for development is also included.

Final Strategy

This final phase report provides Provo City with recommendations on improving the City's capacity for targeted economic development activity over the next five years.  Specific recommendations for improving the City's business climate, infrastructure, workforce development, education, quality of life and marketing is also addressed.