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Provo City operates their own power company and provides reliable electricity with superior customer service.  The Power Department operates and maintains over 35,000 meters, 380 miles of distribution lines, 48 miles of transmission lines and 18 substation transformers.  Provo City Power is the largest municipally-owned electric utility in the State of Utah.

Provo City Power


Provo City's Public Works Department furnishes the city with all water and sewer needs.  Did you know that when Provo City's water was tested against all major bottled waters it tested in the top 5 for taste and purity?  Provo City has nine distribution reservoirs, over 18,000 water connections, 384 miles of water main and processes over 15 million gallons of waste water daily.  Culinary water is sourced from area springs in both Provo and Rock Canyons, rivers and various wells.

Provo City Water


Provo City is one of the few cities in the United States selected to host Google Fiber, offering residents and small businesses 1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) internet.  Residents also have access to free basic internet (5 Mbps) through this service.  There are also other internet service providers servicing the Provo area.

Google Fiber

Veracity Networks




Natural gas services are provided by Questar Gas.  For commercial and industrial rates, please contact the Business Services department of Questar Gas.