Purchasing is part of the Finance Division of Provo City. This division performs all duties and functions required for the procurement, lease or sale of services, supplies, materials, and equipment required by various City departments. Purchasing also oversees all RFPs that the city is currently requesting.

All bids are posted on BidSync. Any bids requiring electronic submission will use BidSync. Registration with BidSync is free, as long as you are bidding on Provo City bids or other agency's bids within the State of Utah. Faxed proposals are at the discretion of the Purchasing Manager. Documents must be in PDF, Word or Excel format.

RFPs listed as paper-based submission will still be listed on BidSync. Any proposal not received prior to the noted opening date and time will be refused. The City is not responsible for envelopes opened in error. Please make sure to mark the outside of the envelope or box to ensure that your proposal is not opened prematurely.

Vendors wishing to protest a Bid/RFP shall follow the guidelines outlined in Provo City Code Section 3.02. Awarded bids are available for view in the Purchasing Office up to seven days after the award. After this time requesters will be required to fill out a GRAMA request. Historical bids are also available for view on BidSync.

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