Employment Opportunities

JobTypeApplication DeadlineSalary
311 Customer Service Representative (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$13.96/hr
911 Dispatcher (Lateral Transfers)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$17.42 - $19.20/hr
911 Dispatcher (Open File)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$1,263 - $1,871 biweekly
Adaptive Summer Camp CounselorsLimited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $12.00/hr
Adult and Youth Hockey Scorekeeper (Open File)Limited TermOpen Until Filled$9.50/hr
Adult and Youth Softball UmpiresLimited Term04/01/2019 6:00 PM$10.00 - $19.00/hr
Aquatics Specialist (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until FilledLifeguarding wage: $10.00/hr; WSI wage: $11.00/hr
Arts Center Technical Task ForcePart TimeOpen Until Filled$10.00/hr
Clerk/Page (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$7.60/hr
Concession Workers (Ball Parks)Limited TermOpen Until Filled$7.50 - $8.50/hr
Cooking Class InstructorLimited TermOpen Until Filled$12.00 - $15.00/hr
Crossing Guard (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until FilledShift 1: $8.25/hr; Shift 2: $12.38/hr
Custodian/Library Part TimeOpen Until Filled$9.09/hr
Custodian--Peaks Ice ArenaPart TimeOpen Until Filled$9.00 - $10.50/hr
Day/Evening Porter (Custodian)Limited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $11.00/hr
Executive Office AssistantFull Time04/01/2019 6:00 PM$1,511 - $2,083 biweekly
Firefighter (Open File)Full TimeOpen Until FilledCurrent Salary: $39,305 - $69,152 annually
Guest Services Staff--Peaks Ice Arena (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$7.25 - $11.26/hr
Guest Services Staff--Provo Recreation Center (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $11.00/hr
Internship Opportunities (Unpaid)Limited TermOpen Until FilledNot Specified
Junior Jazz/Little Jazz Basketball (Grades 1-8)Limited TermOpen Until Filled$9.00 - $11.00/hr
Laborer (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$9.00/hr and up
Laborer CemeteryLimited TermOpen Until Filled$9.50 - $10.50/hr
Laborer ConstructionLimited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $15.00/hr
Laborer Storm WaterLimited TermOpen Until Filled$11.00 - $15.00/hr
Laborer Waste Water CollectionsLimited TermOpen Until Filled$13.00/hr
Laborers GeneralLimited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $11.00/hr
Laborers Golf CourseLimited TermOpen Until Filled$8.00 - $13.00/hr
Membership Experience Specialist I/II/IIIFull Time03/25/2019 6:00 PM$1,023 - $1,714 biweekly
Office Specialist IPart TimeOpen Until Filled$10.61/hr
Office Specialist I, II, III (Open File)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$918 - $1,539 biweekly
Officials/Referees, Scorekeepers/Umpires (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$7.25 - $20.25/hr
Parks and Grounds SuperintendentFull Time04/09/2019 6:00 PM$60,975 - $84,055 annually
Police Officer (Lateral Transfers)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$24.15 - $30.16/hr
Police Officer (Open File)Full TimeOpen Until Filled$21.35 - $34.91/hr
Police Officer Testing Spring 2019Full Time03/21/2019 6:00 PM$20.83 - $34.91/hr
Property Room CadetPart TimeOpen Until Filled$12.00/hr
Recreation Coordinator/Special EventsFull Time03/25/2019 6:00 PM$1,439 - $1,984 biweekly
Recreation Instructors (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$8.00/hr and up
Recreation Leader Special EventsPart TimeOpen Until Filled$10.50/hr
Recreation Leader/Community ProgramsLimited TermOpen Until Filled$11.00/hr
Recreation Workers (Golf Course)Limited TermOpen Until Filled$7.75 - $12.00/hr
Reserve Police Officer (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$25.00/hr
Security Position (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$8.50/hr
Senior Specialist/Guest Services StaffPart TimeOpen Until Filled$11.00/hr
Skating/Hockey Instructors (Open File)Part TimeOpen Until Filled$8.50 - $10.00/hr
Sports Fitness TrainerLimited TermOpen Until Filled$15.00 - $20.25/hr
Start Smart Sports Instructors Limited TermOpen Until Filled$9.00/hr
Streets Maintenance WorkerFull TimeOpen Until Filled$1,184 - $1,984 biweekly
Summer Camp CounselorLimited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $12.00/hr
Technical Support SpecialistPart TimeOpen Until Filled$11.00 - $14.00/hr
Weed Abatement CrewLimited TermOpen Until Filled$10.00 - $11.00/hr
Youth Soccer Referees/OfficialsPart Time03/28/2019 6:00 PM$9.00 - $19.00/hr
Zamboni DriverLimited TermOpen Until Filled$9.50/hr

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