• Provo's Main Map helps Provo citizens find important information relevant to their residence. Type in an address, or zoom in manually and use the Property Details button, and see your property information from Utah County, your schools, your local and state representatives, zoning, your garbage pickup day and more. More >>

  • Parkfinder parkfinder This map lets you find a Provo City park by the amenity, or amenities, available. Search for BBQ grills, or playgrounds, tennis courts, pavilions, etc. and it will return a list of parks with those amenities, and a map of course. More >>

  • Election Map electionmap Here's a map that shows local election results on election night on a precinct by precinct basis. For Provo City and Provo School Board elections, this is the map you want to see. More >>

  • Construction Map construction map A map to improve citizen awareness and communication by showing active and planned city construction projects in Provo. Click on a polygon and see a project description, current progress and completion dates, traffic impacts, and contact info for the city project leader and the contractor. More >>

Geographic Information SystemsGIS Explained

If you appreciate how a map communicates information quickly and efficiently, you will appreciate the concepts behind GIS. A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced information. For example, GIS can take a spreadsheet and visualize its data on a map, allowing us to see patterns, ask questions and identify trends.

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Map imageHow We Serve Provo Provo City Geographic Information Systems provide spatial data, analysis, mapping and applications to city departments and citizens to improve efficiency, communication, and decision making. We have administrative GIS staff within the Information Systems Division which works in conjunction with GIS staff in other departments. Our central GIS Database holds over 1.2 million records which includes map data for all of Provo utilities (power, water, sewer, stormwater), addresses, streets, zoning, parks, schools, voting precincts, and much, much more.
old mapUsing Our Maps We try to keep our maps simple, not scary. Provo City maps are accessible in a couple forms. First, we have our interactive maps like These allow the user to browse and query our GIS data. The second form includes maps in Adobe's pdf format (see the Provo Maps link on the right). These maps are useful because they can be downloaded and because you can view official maps in original form.

topo mapOther Map Resources There are many useful map resources available online if you know where to look. You may be familiar with the big name mapping sites by Google, Bing (Microsoft), Yahoo, OpenStreetMap and Mapquest; but there are some excellent maps from other Utah organizations that you may find helpful. These sites can show you real-time traffic maps to help your commute or help you find a Utah state park to visit for the weekend. Take a look...

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