GIS Help

Using our maps Tutorial:

  • Enter your address on the upper left.
    • Information related to this address appears on the left:
      • Click on any item under Detail Summary and see more info including the area on the map.
      • Use the green left arrow button to go back to your results.
      • Try another one.
    • Notice the black popup box pointing to your address on the map:
      • There are links there to other maps and information.
      • Click on My Polling Place:
        • The polling place information on the left is updated for each primary and general election:
    • Click the Aerial button on the upper right to see aerial imagery; click the Street button to return to the regular map.
    • Use the scroll button on your computer mouse to zoom in and zoom out.
    • Use the hand button and your computer mouse to move around (pan around):
      • Click and hold the your left mouse button and move your mouse to drag the map around.
    • Use the house button to click on the map and retrieve details about a property. This is an alternative to entering an address on the upper left.
    • Use the pencil button to measure distances and areas on the map. Notice your options on the left:
      • Use single clicks of your mouse to measure between points. A double-click will end the measuring.
    • Use the globe button to zoom back out to the starting point.
    • Use the printer button to print a copy of your map.