Provo City Justice Court

The Provo City Justice Court provides community oriented justice that focuses on the needs of Provo City. The justice court has authority over Class B and Class C misdemeanors, infractions and violations of city ordinances including zoning violations committed within the boundaries of Provo City. The court also resolves small claims that fall within Provo City’s jurisdiction. The justice court offers the citizens of Provo a structured community court that is convenient for the public and provides excellent customer service through courteous and professional staff.   


Courthouse Rules

•NO WEAPONS. This includes any sharp or bladed instrument. Security is not allowed to hold these items for you. Please leave them at home or in your vehicle.

•CELL PHONES. Cell phones are permitted in the courthouse but must be turned off while in the courtroom.

•PROPER DRESS IS REQUIRED. No shorts, tank-tops, halter-tops, mini skirts or clothing with inappropriate pictures or words. You may be asked to reschedule your hearing if you are not properly dressed.