Traffic Citations

Traffic Citations

If you were pulled over and received a citation, you are required to give the Court five (5) days to receive your citation information before you try to resolve the citation. You will be given 20 days from the date the citation appears on the court computer system to resolve your citation before late fees will be added, and 30 days before a warrant will be issued.

When citizens are given a moving violation, they have a few options on how to resolve it.

• Pay the fine amount which is established by SUBS    
• Speak with a traffic clerk if they wish to contest.
• If eligible it may be resolved through traffic school.


Traffic SchoolIf you were cited for a moving violation, you may be eligible to resolve your citation through traffic school. Those that take traffic school will receive the benefit of having the charge dismissed which will keep points off of their driving record, as well as learn skills to become a better driver. 

Please be aware that traffic school would be an additional cost. You must contact the court to inquire of your eligibility and to sign up. If you are found to be eligible you may take any court approved traffic school. 

As a convenience the judge has approved an online traffic school course. Provo City no longer offers a live class. Any other traffic school would need to have the prior approval of the judge. This can be done by submitting the class information along with a Request to the Judge Form