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Claims, Litigation, Risk Management, and Safety Division

The Claims, Litigation, Risk Management, and Safety Division of the City Attorney’s Office works to minimize the City’s legal risks, promote and coordinate the safety of citizens and employees, and protect and enforce the interests of the City in state and federal courts. It receives, investigates, processes, negotiates, and undertakes the appropriate resolution of claims made against the City. It coordinates and provides training to City departments on how to evaluate and minimize hazards, encourage safe practices and how to avoid claims and legal problems. If litigation is necessary, it represents the City's and the public's interests in court in routine and complex matters.

looking at papers CLAIMSOccasionally accidents involving Provo City employees or property result in injuries or damages to persons and/or their property. Persons affected in this way may file a claim with the City to seek redress for their damages. The Division receives, investigates, and processes these claims.

Any person who has been damaged by Provo City may make a claim for damages against the City.

The claim form can be accessed several ways:
Download (.pdf format) by clicking here.

Requested via mail by calling (801) 852-6365
Requested via email, send your request to 
Picked up in person at the City Center Building.

The form should be completed and returned to the City Center Building. Failure to complete all sections of the Claim Form could delay the processing of the claim and could result in the return or denial of the claim. Claimants will be notified in writing of the outcome of the claim request.

If your claim is for sewer backup or flooding damage, please see this form.

Utah State law requires claims against Provo City to be filed within two (2) years after the claim arises. Provo City will approve or deny the claim. A court action may not be brought against Provo City until at least sixty (60) days after a claim is filed.


shaking hands LITIGATION Some of the most common reasons Provo City becomes involved in litigation are:

  • As Defendant. The City may be sued in state or federal court, most often when a claimant is dissatisfied with the outcome of the Claims process.
  • As Plaintiff. The City may choose to sue another party for damages suffered by the City, such as where another party fails to fulfill a contract or causes damage to City property.
  • Ordinance Enforcement. When an individual or corporation fails to abide by Provo City Ordinances, such as zoning or licensing ordinances, Provo City may engage in litigation to seek a court order directing the party to comply with the ordinance.
  • Property. When questions arise over the ownership, property limits, or use of City property, litigation is sometimes necessary to resolve such issues.