• Shooting Sports Park man-scoping-rifle The Provo Shooting Sports Park is a firearms education and training facility that is open to experienced shooters and new shooters that want to become experienced! More >>

  • Volunteer Service two-boys-weeding Some of Provo City's greatest assets are its volunteer minded citizens and its geographic location. The Provo River and trails that meander through the city provide for a variety of opportunities for service projects for citizens of any age or ability. More >>

  • Trails provo-river-trai-with-leaves Whether taking a leisurely stroll or training for a marathon, using the Provo City trails can be an enjoyable and beautiful escape within the city. More >>

  • Reservations Lions-Park-pavilion-1 Provo has nearly 60 areas that can be reserved which include pavilions, amphitheaters and trails. To find out more about park rules and how to make reservations, check out the Reservations page. Visit the Park Info page for park amenities. More >>

  • Cemetery graves-in-row The Provo City Cemetery was established in 1853 and currently has approximately 38,000 burial spaces within the beautifully maintained grounds. Plans to expand the cemetery and add additional burial spaces are currently being implemented. More >>

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Bicentennial Park

Provo has some of the most beautiful parks in the state of Utah.

818 acres of developed parklands
35 miles of paved trails and paths
464 acres of sports fields turf

Provo Parks & Recreation is a premiere parks and recreation agency that has been recognized nationally by organizations such as Forbes Magazine as one of the most livable cities and by Outside Magazine as #2 in the United States as the best for outdoor recreation opportunities. Provo City's 53 parks directly influence the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Provo. In order to maintain this level of quality and community expectation, high standards of conduct and performance are maintained. ned.


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2018 Notices

Tree Removal along the Provo River Trail

 Posted December 10, 2018

Thanks to funds generated by Provo’s Recreation Arts & Parks (RAP) Tax, the Provo River Trail will be going through major renovation and improvement. 

Enhancements will include trail widening, safer trail routing, upgraded access points, lighting, and new trail signage.  All of these things will contribute to a healthier, safer trail experience.

Another important part of the improvement process is removing volunteer vegetation that has grown along the river’s edge and has damaged the trail in several places. Many of these trees are not high quality varieties and often interfere with trail design and use.  These weedy trees encroached sections of the trail causing raised asphalt from roots and create other problems. 

Department crews will remove problem trees and other vegetation issues in areas where the new trail will be installed. As part of the plan, more sustainable tree species will be planted in proper locations.  

Provo River Trail Closure Announcement

Posted November 13, 2018

Starting November 15, 2018, a section of the Provo River Trail will be closed for 2 weeks while it is under construction.  Click here to see the exhibit for the location of the closed section.  Over the next several months, sections between Geneva Road Trailhead and Columbia Lane will be closed periodically as the trail is renovated.  We appreciate your patience during this process of enhancing the trail.  Check back periodically for updated information.  If you have any questions, please contact Thomas McKenna at 801-852-6643 or 

Pioneer Park Splash Pad Closed 

The Splash Pad at Pioneer Park is now closed and is scheduled to reopen by Memorial Day 2019, weather pending. Thanks to our citizens and patrons for making this a successful season for the Splash Pad.

For more info regarding our Splash Pad at Pioneer Park please visit our Parks Info page.

2018 Pavilion Reservation Season is Closed

The 2018 pavilion reservation season is now closed.

The 2019 reservation season will be from  April 15 - October 15. Make your reservation for the 2019 season as early as January 1. Learn more about our parks and how to make a reservation by clicking here.

Provo River Parkway Trail Construction

The UTA Provo-Orem Transportation project has begun this year and will be done in phases over a two to three year period. The first phase currently consists of the south side of Columbia Lane to the east side of Independence Avenue and west of Geneva Road to the project boundary.  Structures within this area are excluded and will be done in a later phase. You can learn more about the UTA Provo-Orem Transportation Project on their website, or get up-to-date information on their Facebook page