Parks Rules and Guidelines

Park Use Rules & GuidelinesCanyon Glen pavilion

Your cooperation in observing the following rules and regulations will help you to conduct a successful event in Provo City parks.

Unauthorized vehicles are not allowed on grass areas unless prior authorization has been received by Parks Operations. To access a locked gate, a key can be checked out from Parks Operations during business hours with a $40 deposit. Keys must be returned on the following business day.

Dogs are allowed in all City Parks as long as the dogs are on a leash. The only off leash Park is the designated Dog Park located within Bicentennial Park.

Park curfew is 11 p.m. Lights and power will shut off automatically around this time. Our sprinkler times are approximately 7:00 am to 10:30 am. Tampering with the sprinkler systems, fountains, water taps, circuit breakers, light plus or restroom fixtures is considered vandalism.

Tables may not be moved around the park. Tables that are anchored must remain fastened to the floor. Insulate tables from heat or freeze damage. Do not freeze ice cream on the grass or dump anything on the grass except water.

All alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all Provo City parks.

Please notify the Police Department if you witness damage, vandalism or illegal activity in the park. Children are required to be supervised at playgrounds, parking lots, restrooms and near open water areas. Waste baskets have been reduced inside our parks.

Restroom facilities are provided at many Provo parks for public use. These buildings are open for use from May 1 – September 31 each year. Events scheduled outside this period or events with 300+ attendees must rent portable restroom facilities at their own cost.

Big Springs pavilion 
Trash, Open Fires, Staking in the Ground and Noise Ordinance


To help keep parks clean for all patrons and maintenance costs down, those who rent park pavilions or other park areas are asked to remove all trash generated from their event. The standard set by state and national parks to “Pack it in, Pack it out” will help us continue providing these facilities at a low cost. Please carry out all trash from your visit.


Open Fires

All parks observe fire restrictions set by the Provo Fire Marshal and are posted at each park. It is your responsibility to verify and adhere to restrictions. Open fires are only allowed in designated fire pits installed by Parks Operations and only when not prohibited. Please contact Provo Fire & Rescue at (801) 852-6321 for further information on fire restrictions and the type of wood permitted to be burned. Refunds will not be given because of fire restrictions. Extinguish all hot coals and briquettes, never place hot coals in the garbage receptacles

Staking Items into the Ground

Caution must be used in setting inflatable toys or pounding stakes into the ground because the stakes can cause damage to underground electrical or irrigation lines. If you plan to strike stakes into the ground, pre-approval is required by Parks Operations at least seven days prior to your event. Please provide a detailed map to the Parks & Grounds office of the park and where you plan to stake into the ground.

Noise Ordinance

If the event involves music or other amplification, it must conform to the Provo City Noise Ordinance 9.19.120.
Reservations may be canceled on-site due to excessive noise by the Provo Police Department.

Canyon Glen Amphitheater

Weddings, Receptions and Any Group of 200 or More

Large groups (200+), any wedding or reception, and all events with two or more inflatable toys or with unusual requests are subject to a $200 Parks Use fee in addition to the pavilion rental rate. If your event is only within a City park and doesn't require additional city services from other city departments or government entities, then a Special Parks Use application should be completed by contacting the Provo Parks & Grounds office. All cancellations and modifications are subject to a $10 fee. After the cancellation fee is received, the $200 fee will be reimbursed. No refunds are given for cancellations made within seven days of the event.

Community Events Application

If any portion of the event will take place outside of a Provo City Park or requires services from a City Department or government entity other than Provo Parks and Recreation, then a Community Event and Services Application must be completed through Provo 311 Customer Service. If you’re unsure if your event requires this application, please contact 311 Customer Service at (801) 852-6000.

Events with 300+ attendees must rent portable restroom facilities at their own cost.

provo river trail with leaves

Trail Use

Event organizers may not limit public access to trails during their event.

Any races that start, end or have an aid station in Provo City or on a Provo Trail will need to complete an Events and Services Application, no exceptions.

All trail events require the following trail use fee standard:

• 50 - 200 participants and/or spectators: $200
• 200 - 500 participants and/or spectators: $1 per person
• Any event over 500 participants and/or spectators: $500 + $0.50 per person

The event organizer must reserve a pavilion at the staging area park facility at the regular rental rate in addition to the trail use fee standard and the $200 Parks Use Fee. The Provo River Parkway Trail is designed as a recreational usage corridor in which citizens in our community will use to walk, jog, run, leisurely ride a bike, and in-line skate. It was not designed or is it now intended to be used for races. It shall be against policy to use the Provo River Parkways Trail for bicycle races. Running races will be allowed by permission only and in compliance with stipulations set forth by the special request approval coordinator within the Department.

Trail Use Federal Requirements require the Provo River Parkway Trail must remain for use by the general public on a not-for-profit basis, and that adequate enforcement regulations and support will be provided to maintain accessibility. Only smaller scale race events such as 3k, 5k, 10k and fun runs are permitted on the Provo River Parkway Trail with the exception of County sponsored running events. Please call Utah County Parks at (801) 851-8640 for additional information about events on the Provo River Parkway Trail within Provo Canyon. Provo River Parkway Trail Alternatives for smaller events include; Rock Canyon Park, Carterville Park, Riverview Park, Kiwanis Park and Memorial Park.

Issues considered prior to receiving event approval on a Provo City Park trail include:

• Impact on adjacent facilities (parking lots, pavilions, parks, restrooms)
• Trail capacity/congestion - designed for free public access
• Commercial use of the public facility (trail).
• Scheduling conflicts between events.
• Considering current trends, what will impact be on public access
• Risk Management issues
• Races on trail or move to surface streets
• Improved control of the approval process for events is needed.
• Competition and conflict between race organizers and relationships
• Is Provo, or should it be, the low or no cost alternative?

Canyon Glen pavilion

Pavilion Reservations

A seven-day notice is required for all pavilion reservations, cancellations and modifications with no exceptions. A $10 processing fee is applied to all cancellations and modifications. Weather related cancellations will be given 50% refund depending on the severity of weather (i.e. snow, heavy rain, hurricane force winds, etc.) and only after the date has taken place. 

Park pavilions are used heavily each day during the summer months. Please leave the pavilion in as good, if not better condition than when you arrived. Remove table covers, tape and any cooking oil or grease from tables, grills, and floors. Pick up all litter and take trash with you upon completion of your event. Provo Parks and Recreation does not provide water taps, the opening of gates or additional power.

Electricity is for limited use only. Capacity is 15 amps total, which can power a radio or a slow cooker. If a circuit overloads, reduce the load and push the GFI reset. Repeated tripping of the circuit breaker will cause the power to go out permanently. Power will not be reset until the next day. It's recommended to bring in your own source of power.

City parks have a variety of amenities, including playgrounds, play courts, trails and open spaces. These amenities may not be reserved and are available on a first come first serve basis to the public. Athletic fields are used by Parks and Recreation programs. Some athletic fields and courts can be rented by contacting Penn Almoney by email or calling (801) 852-6628.


kid on inflatable slide


Bounce Houses and Large Inflatable Toys

Slip and Slides, large water features and inflatable toys which require a water hose are prohibited from all city parks. Water guns and water balloons are allowed, please pick-up your litter after your event.

You must provide your own power source as the electrical service at our parks will not support the electrical draw of an inflatable toy or bounce house. Staking in the ground is permitted with approval only after a placement map has been submitted, please contact Parks Operations at least seven days prior to your event.

Two or more bounce houses/inflatable toys require a $200 Parks Use Fee; more than four require an Events and
Services Application.
You can learn more about this process by going to the 311 Customer Service Special Events web
page. Bounce houses and inflatable toys are allowed with pavilion reservations only.

Insurance covering Provo City MUST be provided AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If insurance is not
provided, the bounce house or inflatable toy will not be allowed to be used in the park. If the rental agency does not
provide insurance, insurance may be purchased at Provo City through the T.U.L.I.P. insurance program by contacting
Andrea Wright by emailing or by calling (801) 852-6518.

The insurance certificate must be sent to the Parks & Grounds office. It can be emailed to
or faxed to (801) 852-7605. Please include the following information when submitting insurance certificate:

• Park name and which pavilion is reserved
• Date and time of the reservation
• Event Name
• Organizer contact name and phone number
• Map indicating the placement of toy

These guidelines are also available in PDF Format by clicking here

(Last Revised June 1, 2017)