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  • Big Springs Trail Big-Springs-Park-lower-view Big Springs Trailhead is accessed at the parking lot at Big Springs Park. The trail is one of Provo's longest and most beautiful trails extending through Big Springs Canyon and meets up with Rock Canyon Trail. It is accessible to hikers, bicycles, and horses.

  • Big Springs Trail Big-Springs-Trail-Fall The trail is named after the natural springs found about 1.8 miles into the trail. It is a beautiful place to stop and rest. At this point there is also an access point at which you can make a loop back to the trailhead. After heading up the trail about 1.5 miles, you will find the Big Springs Campground which is available by reservation only, from July through September.

  • Big Springs Trail Big-Springs-Park-field The trail from Big Springs Park to the Rock Canyon/Dry Fork trail is 5.8 miles and will take between 2-4 hours.

HikerBONNEVILLE SHORELINE TRAIL The Bonneville Shoreline Trail follows the shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Bonneville and spans a total distance of about 100 Miles from Cache County to Santaquin, UT. The proposed plan is to increase the trail length to 280 miles from the Idaho Border to Nephi. The trail length through Provo is 6.8 miles and follows along the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range, in the foothills bench formed by the ancient lake, and through some local neighborhoods. Access to the trail can be found at several trailheads. For a description of the sections of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) in Provo, please visit the BST Website.

Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY 
6.8 mi 2 - 4 Hours Moderate - Difficult 1000 ft Dogs, Horses
The Carterville Road Trail can be accessed at 4800 N behind the Ancestry and Vivint buildings. The trail follows along the border of Provo City and Orem City passing under 4480 N connecting residential and business areas. It continues on through residential areas where the last leg of the trail runs through private property. The gates to this part of the trail are closed at 10:00PM. It ends at the joining of Carterville Road.

Trail Map >>

 Length Duration Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY 
 .47 30 min  Easy  4800 N behind  Dogs 

Cinnamon ridge trailCINNAMON RIDGE TRAIL This is an urban pathway located on the south side of the intersection of 900 S and 1150 E. The trail winds behind residential homes in the area and provides a pleasant area for biking, rollerblading, skateboarding and walking. The trail is short, ending at 960 S and 1230 E. It is paved and classified as easy.

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Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY 
.34 20 min Very Easy 960 S  1230 E or 900 S 1150 E  Dogs 


  • Indian RD Equestrian Trailhead Indian-Rd-Trailhead-picnic The name "Indian Road" was chosen to designate a pre-settlement route that Native Americans took while traveling to and from Provo Canyon. The trail meets up with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and the Length from the trailhead to that point is 2.15 miles. The duration is approx. 1-2 hrs and is classified as moderate to difficult.

  • Indian RD Equestrian Trailhead Indian-Rd-Trailhead-Parking-lot-&-tables The trailhead is located just southeast of the Gillsepie electrical substation near 5500 N Canyon Road.

  • Indian RD Equestrian Trailhead Indian-Rd-Trailhead-Sign-2 The site now includes restrooms, picnic areas, horse trailer parking, and equestrian features including water trough and hitching rails.

college connector COLLEGE CONNECTOR College Connector is a 3.4 mile urban transportation corridor that connects BYU to UVU. Provo City maintains the one mile trail section from the intersection of University AVE and University Parkway up to the overpass at Carterville Park, near the Parkway Village shopping center. There is a connection to the Provo River Parkway Trail (PRPT) at the Provo River bridge accessible from the trail.

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Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY  
3.4 Miles 1-2 hrs Easy-Moderate University AVE and University Parkway Dogs
Foothills Connector FOOTHILLS CONNECTORThis is a landscaped pathway connecting 4800 N and University AVE to Timpview DR. Seating and grassy areas are accessible from the trail.

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Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY 
.51 Miles 30 Min Easy-Moderate 4800 N and University AVE Dogs
Lovers Lane Lover's Lane The trail begins behind The Courtyard at Jamestown at 3352 N 100 E. It follows below the old canal and meets up again behind the Jamestown Retirement Center. The trail continues behind residential areas crossing the road at 3700 N and picks up again on the other side at a white picket fence. The trail continues behind more residential areas ending at the Walden School for Liberal Arts.

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Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  ACCESSIBILITY 
1.5 miles 1-1.5 Hours Easy  3352 N 100 E Dogs
  • Provo River Parkway Trail Provo-River-Trail-2 The Provo River Parkway Trail spans a total of 30 miles starting at Utah Lake up into Provo Canyon. The trail within Provo City limits is approximately 7.5 miles and the time to travel the trail within Provo is about 4 hrs. More >>

  • Provo River Parkway Trail Geneva-Rd-trailhead-trail The trail is accessible at various point within Provo. Two main access points are the Geneva Road Trailhead at Geneva RD and 350 N, and the Lakeshore Trailhead located near the intersection of Lakeshore DR and 470 N. More >>

  • Provo River Parkway Trail Lakeshore-Trailhead-1 Utah County maintains the Provo River Parkway Trail until approximately 2500 W 350 N. Orem City maintains the trail at 800 N University Parkway up through parts of Provo Canyon. Provo City maintains the trail through the city corridor. More >>


Rock Canyon Trailhead

Rock Canyon Trailhead is located at the end of North Temple Drive in Provo. The trail is 6.2 miles from the trailhead to Rock Canyon Campground on Squaw Peak RD. Provo City maintains the trailhead and the United States Forest Services (USFS) maintains the trail. Along Rock Canyon Trail there are numerous rock climbing areas. For more information about rock climbing the the Rock Canyon area, please visit Mountain Project. For information on the Rock Canyon Trail please visit Forest Services.

Trail Map >>

Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  Accessibility 
 3.4 Miles  4 hrs Difficult End of N Temple RD Horses, bicycles, Dogs


Slate Canyon Connector Slate Canyon Connector begins at Center ST and Seven Peaks BLVD, turning south from the roundabout at the intersection. It follows along the road and ends at Slate Canyon DR. The trail is .51 miles and leads to the trailhead for the Slate Canyon Trail and an entrance point onto the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The trail is paved.

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Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  Accessibility 
 .51 Miles  25 Min Easy Center ST and Seven Peaks BLVD Dogs
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Slate Canyon Trailhead

The Slate Canyon Trail crosses paths with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and can is located off of Slate Canyon DR.  At the summit of Slate Canyon DR there is a sign for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Enter and stay right on the gravel road until you reach the parking lots and the sign for the Bonneville Shoreline trail. The Slate Canyon Trail heads east and the Bonneville shoreline trail heads north. The trail is approximately 3.7 miles where it connects into the Slide Canyon Trail. Provo City maintains the trailhead and the National Forest Service maintains the trail. For more information about the trail, please click here.

Trail Map >>

Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  Accessibility 
 3.7 Miles  1.5-2 Hours Difficult Summit of Slate Canyon DR Horses, Dogs Bicycles
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  • Y MTN Trailhead Y-Mountain-Trailhead-sign The Y Mountain Trail is one of Provo's signature hikes. It is maintained by Brigham Young University and the white "Y" on the mountain side stands as a collegiate symbol for the University.

  • Y MTN Trailhead y-mountain-with-flag The trail is made up of a series of switchbacks up to the "Y" and is classified as difficult. From the Y Mountain Trailhead to the "Y" on the mountain, it is about 1.1 miles

  • Y MTN Trailhead walking-on-trail The trail continues past the "Y" through the canyon and then into Maple Flats. This part of the trail is maintained by Forest Services. The trailhead is maintained by Provo City.

SOUTH FORK EQUESTRIAN TRAILHEAD SOUTH FORK EQUESTRIAN TRAILHEADThe trailhead is located in the South Fork area of Provo Canyon, approximately one mile beyond Big Springs Park. The trailhead features a horse trailer parking area and a portable restroom year round. This site is used as a staging area for trail rides in the Big Springs Canyon, on the Great Western Trail, and other US Forest Service land.
Length Duration Difficulty Access Point Accessibility
N/A 1-2 hours Easy - Moderate South Fork RD past Big Springs Park Horses, Motorbikes, Dogs

South State Trail begins on the east side of State ST at 900 S, across from the cemetery, and ends at 1860 S in Provo. The trail is signified by a yellow line down the middle of the pathway. It is an easy walk or bike ride right along State ST and runs near Bicentennial Park.

Trail Map >>

 Length Duration Difficulty  Access Point  Accessibility 
 1.14 mi 40 Min Easy 1860 S and State ST Dogs, Bicycles
SOUTH PROVO TRAIL SOUTH PROVO TRAILThis is an urban trail that begins at 1860 S and ends at the intersections of University AVE and East Bay BLVD. It travels west along 1860 S, passing by the train tracks and East Bay Golf Course. At Novell and I-15, it turns right heading north. It is a good trail if you want a varied workout which includes both steeper hills and then flat areas for running or cycling.

Trail Map >>
Length  Duration  Difficulty  Access Point  Accessibility 
1.54 mi 45 min  Easy-Moderate 1860 S & University AVE Bicycles, Dogs


rocks-by-sidewalk Active Transportation and Trails
Mountainland Association of Governments

Each municipality and the county maintain over 80 miles of paved trails within the region. Some of the more popular trails include the Murdock Canal Trail, the Provo River Parkway Trail, and the College Connector Trail. The plan is to create a backbone of regional trails that traverse the county and connect into Salt Lake and Wasatch counties.

Interactive Trail Map Current trails and bike lanes. Zoom in and out, click on a facility to learn information.
Planned Regional Trails Map Map of planned bike, trail, and pedestrian projects from the regional transportation plan, TransPlan40.  
Trail Information Information and links to specific trails within the region.  
Trail Plans and Studies  Various plans detailing the current and future trail system.