• We're Home NewProvo-Power Provo Power is home! We've been in our new building since October. It has been a big transition and we're still working out the kinks but it is a beautiful facility! Feel free to come by to take a tour. But remember: No utility payments or account maintenance is conducted at this office. Please visit 311 Customer Service for any utility account needs at 351 West Center Street.

  • AMI Information neighborhood Provo Power is implementing Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). To learn about its benefits and answer your questions, please see the FAQ Section at the bottom right of this page. More >>

  • Low Lines broken-cross-arm If you see low lines please call (801) 852-6000 or 311. We have crews available 24/7 who can help. Sometimes they are not power lines and not dangerous. But let us figure that out for you.

  • Lights Out light-switch If your lights go out, check to see if your neighbor’s power is out too. If so, call our dispatch center at (801) 852-6000. More >>

  • Power Outage Map plan-review2 Want to see if there are any outages right now? See our live map of the power grid online. More >>

  • Report a Street Light street-light You can report a street light that is out by clicking the link for more info. Be ready with information on where it is so we can add it to our queue. More >>

  • Tree Trimming Tree-trimmer_2 Trees can often cause power outages if winds pick up. If you see a tree that needs to be trimmed so it doesn't overhang power lines, call us at (801) 852-6000 and we'll come check it out. More >>

installing solar panels Net Metering Anyone interested in installing and using solar panels must apply for a license to do so and follow the proper procedures for installation and connecting to Provo City Power. All of the details and information can be found on the Provo Power website: Net Metering Information
If you have questions regarding the process or about Net Metering in general, please feel free to call our Electrical Engineering office at (801) 852-6852 and ask to speak with a Net Metering technician.


checking books Fees and Rate Schedules Fees and rates are approved by the Municipal Council. You can find all associated fees for electrical service as well as other city fees listed on the Consolidated Fee Schedule on Provo City Code.

See a complete list of all fees and rates online.
reading the paper Newsletters

Provo City Power sponsors the costs of the monthly newsletters that are sent with the monthly bill. If you are interested in what is going on in the city the newsletters are a good way to keep up.

kitchen Energy Usage Information Did you know that you can track your energy and water consumption? Currently, the data is on a monthly basis (but will change to hourly when the AMI Meters are fully implemented), but it will give you a better snapshot of your usage so you can see if you can cut back your consumption to save money.

You'll need to register your existing utility account by having your account numbers and the last month's bill amount. If you need help with registration please call 3-1-1 or 801-852-6000.

Consumption Tracking