Rates and Fees

Fees and rates are approved by the Municipal Council. You can find all associated fees for electrical service as well as other city fees listed on the Consolidated Fee Schedule on Provo City Code.

 See the Current Electrical Rates as approved by the Municipal Council.

Here is a description of some of the key rates:

Rates and Schedule Summary - This has all the rates combined together and is probably the easiest document to see all the rates together.

Schedule No. 1 - Residential rates. You will see a customer service charge, which is a flat fee charged each month regardless of usage. This is to cover the fixed cost of the meter and the facilities enabling the connection. There is also three tiers of energy usage. These are given in a per kilowatt-hour rate and cover the cost of the energy used.

Schedules No. 2-6 - Commercial and Industrial Rates. This rate also has customer service and energy charges. Additionally, a demand charge is levied which is a rate that covers the variety of demand that customers might have month to month.

Schedules No. 7-20 - Other energy rates. These rates are developed for specific circumstances like lighting and temporary services.

Schedule No. 21 - Telecom Debt Charge. This rate is attached to each energy bill by ordinance that pays for the debt on the fiber network now operated by Google.