Other Divisions

  • Forestry Division tree-trim Provo City Forestry Division manages over 30,000 trees that are growing under electrical power lines and facilities. Our crews maintain (prune, remove, spray, and plant) 15,000 Street Trees throughout the City.

  • Tree City USA urban-space Provo City has been nationally recognized for having an outstanding urban forestry program for over 25 years. Being a tree city demonstrates our dedication to protecting and improving our urban forest.

  • Tree Trimming tree-trimmers Sometimes trees grow too close to power lines. These can cause power outages during storms. If you see a tree that needs trimming, call (801) 852-6000 or follow the link below. More >>

  • Tree Selection tree-giveaway Take a look at our Tree Selection Guide and Tour. In it, you can see what kinds of trees we have in our city. It’s also helpful to decide what trees to pick for planting around your home or office. More >>

  • Arboricultural Standards Tree-trimmer_2 Click the link to read about Provo City's Arboricultural Standards and Specifications established by city ordinance. More >>

construction inspection Compliance Provo City Power prides itself on the reliability of its power infrastructure and the delivery of power to the residents of Provo.

There are many federal guidelines for operating a power company, and to ensure this reliability and consistent delivery we must adhere to requirements from Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) .

This requires detailed documentation and communication with these organizations as well as other associated groups such as Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), or Utah Municipal Power Association (UMPA). 

board meeting Key Accounts Provo City Power has over 35,000 customers, some of which are major commercial accounts which by nature have a higher capacity and need for power. The relationship between Provo City Power and these customers is a key aspect because it helps determine revenue, jobs and growth in the city, which in turn effects the economy in our community.
public meeting Public Meetings Provo City Power by City Ordinance has an advisory board called the "Energy Board" that consists of 7 members, all of which have been appointed by the Mayor of Provo.

Board meetings are typically scheduled on the 1st Monday of every month with the rights to change schedules as deemed appropriate by the Chairman of the board. Responsibilities include advising the administration and Municipal Council on Power Department issues.

Current Board Members:
Chairman Norman Wright
Vice Chair Mrs. Julie Radle
Mrs. Mary Rasband
Mr. Fidel Montero
Mr. Paul Greenwood                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Ned Hill
Mrs. Cheryl Taylor