• Construction tractor The Public Works Department here at Provo City does a number of construction and maintenance projects which include water, sewer and storm drain installation.

  • Streets and Fleet street-workers-5 The Public Services Division of Public Works not only manages the Storm Water Section, and the Provo City Airport, but also oversees street repair, as well as the maintenance of all city fleet vehicles.

  • Water Resources dam-pipelines-overview Public Works Water Resource Division is responsible for delivering some of Utah's finest water from sources, such as springs and river water from Provo Canyon and various wells, all the way to the treatment of all waste water from the city at the reclamation plant.

  • Sanitation yard-work The Public Services Sanitation Section of Public Works collects refuse and yard waste from the residents of the city, and oversees the collection of all commercial waste. We are proud to have a recycling program as well!

  • Clean Streets snow-plow-2 Public Works Street Section of Public Services, not only repairs the streets but also cleans, sweeps, and plows the snow.

  • City Engineer engineers-working The City Engineers office in the Public Works Department oversees and inspects all city road projects, surveying, reviewing of subdivision plats as well as maintaining numerous traffic signals through out the city.

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining over 610 miles of streets, curb gutter and sidewalk, snow removal and over 90 traffic signals. Collecting 25,000 containers of garbage, green waste and recyclables. Delivering on average 25,000 gallons of fresh water through 384 miles of water main to over 18,000 water connections, processing on the average of 15 million gallons of waste water daily at the reclamation plant, keeping clear over 123 miles of storm drain and managing all functions at the Provo City Airport. Managing the fleet of city cars, trucks, construction equipment, emergency vehicles and sanitation trucks is also done at the public works facility.

The Public works department manages these operations through 3 divisions. The Engineering Division, Water Resources and Public Services, which oversees the Provo City Airport as well as the Storm Water, Fleet, Streets, and Sanitation Sections.

Provo City Public Works' mission is to utilize our experience, expertise, and commitment to protect the community’s health and welfare by providing a high quality of services at the lowest cost possible that the residents of Provo can rely on and come to expect.