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Current Projects

For a current map of the projects described below, click here for the Provo City Construction Project Map.
street workers2019 Provo City Street Rehabilitation

The 2019 Provo City Street Rehabilitation project is a maintenance project intended to repair and resurface substandard street pavement and provide routine preventative maintenance on various streets throughout Provo City. Work on the project varies from simple surface seal applications on newer streets to full removal and replacement of deteriorated street sections. The project is partially funded through the Utility Transportation Fund and will begin mid-April. It is scheduled to be completed mid-September. A map of potential streets to be completed as part of the project can be found here

Bus on StreetBulldog BoulevardThis project has been designed to help decrease accidents along Bulldog Boulevard. The outside lanes will be changed to protected bicycle lanes providing a safer route for bicyclists. A new intersection will be added at 400 West. A median will also be installed along Bulldog Boulevard. For more information about this project click here. Also you can sign up for updates by sending an email to
500 WestditchThe 500 West project stretches from Bulldog Boulevard down to 500 South. This project will include improvements that will increase vehicle and pedestrian safety along with replacing utility lines and drainage systems. This project will include adding bike lanes, raised medians, wider sidewalks and a 10-foot trail on the east side. The asphalt will also be replaced with concrete. For more information you can receive updates by sending an email to

Lakeview Parkway sunsetLakeview Parkway This project is a Provo City project which will construct a new road from the north side of the Provo Airport that will continue north up by the west side of the new Provo High. This project is currently under construction along 3110 West to Center Street. With construction from Center Street to 620 North starting in the near future.

Water Reclamation FacilitySunset over Westside ConnectorProvo's wastewater treatment plant was constructed in 1956 and is in need of new infrastructure. The new water reclamation facility is being designed to meet new state standards and increase the capacity of the wastewater system. This new facility will be built at the same location of the existing site.