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Standards, Specifications, and Permits

ditch Permits and Contractor Forms The Engineering Division is responsible for receiving, processing, and issuing a permit for any excavation, trenching and utility installation. In addition,pre-qualification requirements and forms must be submitted, verified, and on file with the Engineering Division before an excavation permit will be issued. All work must be in compliance with Provo City Standards and Specifications. If you have questions or if you need more information regarding permits and pre-qualification requirements, please contact the Engineering Division Main Office. 
puzzle compliance Standards and Specifications In order to insure public health, safety and welfare for all design and construction projects, Provo City has adopted APWA Standards and Specifications along with 2020 Provo Standard Drawing Details and 2020 Provo City Development Guidelines. Before using any APWA Standard Plans, you must check the Provo Standard Drawing Details for modifications to the APWA Standard Plans. These drawings and related specifications shall be used for all publicly owned infrastructure projects and some privately owned infrastructure within Provo City.