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Transportation, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning

bicycles Bicycle and Pedestrian  Bicycling in Provo City is guided by the vision that “Provo City will create strong families, vibrant neighborhoods and a healthy community through the promotion and accommodation of bicycling as a vital means of everyday transportation creation”.

Provo City currently has 12.4 miles of shared use paths, 2.3 miles of side paths, and 21.5 miles of bike lanes which include the scenic Provo River Parkway Trail. In efforts to meet the vision, goals, and objectives set forth by the Bicycle Chapter of the Transportation Master Plan, we continue to increase bicycle lanes and pedestrian paths as new roads are constructed and existing roads are improved. The Bicycle Chapter of the Transportation Master Plan is currently in the process of being adopted and will be made available in January 2013.

map Transportation Master Plan

The Engineering Division oversees the Transportation Master Plan (TMP).  The purpose of the TMP is to guide those who make or explain decisions that affect Provo City’s transportation network, help the public understand the rationale behind the decisions, and to ensure that a coordinated, master-planned effort is undertaken to plan for the transportation needs of the city given the current and future land use planning. The TMP serves to explain the vision for long-term multimodal transportation systems supporting the Provo City community well into the future.