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Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Gleason, SteveAirport ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6715
Nelson, SuzanAirport Office AssistantPublic Works(801) 852-6715
Johnson, TrentAirport Operations CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6715
Graves, DavidCity EngineerPublic Works(801) 852-6741
Day, DavidDevelopment Engineering CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6735
Decker, DavidDirector of Public WorksPublic Works(801) 852-6771
Nixon, DanielleEngineer IPublic Works(801) 852-7773
Michelsen, David Engineer IPublic Works(801) 852-6736
Penrod, JaredEngineer IIPublic Works(801) 852-6739
Knight, JonathanEngineer IIIPublic Works(801) 852-6748
Hunter, RobEngineer IVPublic Works(801) 852-6783
Lewis, JordanEngineer Technician IIPublic Works(801) 852-6749
Carter, DaleEngineering TechnicianPublic Works(801) 852-6774
Johnson, JudyExecutive Office AssistantPublic Works(801) 852-6740
Trewartha, JoniExecutive Office Assistant-Public ServicesPublic Works(801) 852-6700
Hurd, JanetExecutive Office Assistant-Water ResourcesPublic Works(801) 852-6780
Bean, NancyFleet ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6723
Christen, RonInspectorPublic Works(801) 376-2297
Ringel, CoryInspectorPublic Works(801) 318-5577
Keller, AdamLead InspectorPublic Works(801) 362-4521
Trewartha, DrewPavement SpecialistPublic Works(801) 852-6747
Leetham, ChristinePermit TechnicianPublic Works(801) 852-6776
Winters, Shane Principal EngineerPublic Works(801) 852-6742
Serr, CaseyPrincipal EngineerPublic Works(801) 852-6745
Torgersen, BrianPublic Works Division Director - Public Services Public Works(801) 852-6720
Bettis, Richard Sanitation Crew SupervisorPublic Works(801) 852-6702
Rolph, BryceSanitation ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6703
Allen, ScotSr. Engineering TechPublic Works(801) 852-6721
Snyder, RichardStorm Water System Maintenance ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-7777
Roundy, ClintStreets Crew SupervisorPublic Works
Kent, ChrisStreets Crew SupervisorPublic Works(801) 852-6719
Snyder, RichardStreets Maintenance ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-7777
Hill, ChadSurvey SupervisorPublic Works(801) 852-6746
Stewart, RyanSurveyorPublic Works(801) 852-6746
McCloud, TimTraffic Electronics SpecialistPublic Works(801) 852-7756
Andrus, RebeccaWater Engineer IVPublic Works(801) 852-7788
Jones, ShaneWater Engineer IVPublic Works(801) 852-6773
Hill, TracyWater Resource Cross Connection CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6788
Hutchings, MattWater Resource Distribution Section ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6781
Ogren, MarkWater Resource Reclemation Section ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6790
York, RyanWater Resource Sources Section ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-7789
Saluone, JonathanWater Resource Waste Water Colletions Section ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6792
VacantWater Resource Waste Water Pretreatment CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6793
Calder, GaryWater Resources DirectorPublic Works(801) 852-6782