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compost yardProvo Compost Yard
1625 S Industrial Parkway
The Provo Compost Yard is open the second weekend of March through the second Saturday of December on Fridays and Saturdays from 7 AM until 5 PM (weather dependent). Drop off of material is limited to Provo residents who will need to come with a copy of a current Provo City utility bill or driver license. There is a $5 fee for pickup truck loads and for trailers up to 16' for each drop off - Debit/Credit Card only. No cash or checks are accepted. An additional charge will apply to larger trailer loads. No stumps or roots will be accepted; nor will any logs larger than 10" in diameter. Logs larger than 4" in diameter will need to be cut to lengths no greater than 3'. No loads from commercial haulers or landscapers will be accepted.

When compost is available, it can be purchased by residents at $3 per yard, and for nonresidents at $6 per yard, THERE IS CURRENTLY NO COMPOST AVAILABLE AS OF 7/18/19.

The Compost Yard is now open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Garbage Recycle Days2019 Sanitation Schedule The Sanitation Division provides garbage pickup, green yard waste recycling, and other solid waste community services. See the Sanitation Schedule Map for more information

For information on which holidays affect the sanitation schedule and view the 2019 Sanitation Schedule from Mayor Kaufusi's blog. Recycling service is on the same day as garbage pickup. Remember to put your cans out the night before your service day. The Sanitation Division starts emptying cans at 6 a.m.
For more about recycling visit our Recycling page. What days are my garbage and recycling picked up?

There are six major holidays that affect the garbage pickup schedule for 2019: New Year's Day: Tuesday - Thursday one day late; Memorial Day: One day late all week; July 4: Thursday pickup on Friday; Labor Day: One day late all week; Thanksgiving: Thursday pickup on Friday; Christmas: Wednesday and Thursday one day late. ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS ARE ON THE REGULAR PICKUP SCHEDULE.

The 2019 Green Yard Waste season runs from March 4 - Nov 28, 2019. Green cans are emptied the same day as garbage pickup.