Storm Water

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river-at-sunsetWATER QUALITY
We protect the quality of water from our 115 water out falls into the Provo River and Utah Lake by enforcing Federal Storm Water Quality regulations.

These are enforced by regular inspections of construction sites and possible illegal discharges as well as providing citizens with tips on how to protect water quality throughout the city.

Rule of thumb: If you wouldn't drink it, don't put it in the storm drain! 
engineers-workingDESIGN DATA 
Storm Water capital projects follow the Drainage Design Policy Manual, Erosion Control and Water Quality Manual, and Design Data.

Each new project in Provo needs an approved Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.  Projects one acre or moreand project less than one acre.

The Environmental Protection Agency web site has helpful information on Best Management Practices.
 "Do I really make a difference?"

Yes you do!  Everyday we make simple choices about washing our cars, taking care of our lawns, what to do with unused prescriptions, draining our swimming pool water or deciding what to I do with my pet waste?

Each of these choices can effect what happens next door.
Remember: we all live down stream.