tractor plowing field

Biosolids Program

Provo City’s Biosolids Management Plan includes a beneficial use program including land application and composting. Biosolids are nutrient rich residue generated during the treatment of domestic wastewater. Following anaerobic digestion and Centrifuge de-watering the biosolids are sampled, tested and hauled to agricultural farmland for application.

Provo’s alternative method of beneficial reuse includes composting biosolids with ground-up organic green waste collected from local residents. Annually 1,450 dry metric tons of biosolids are beneficially recycled in an environmentally safe practice. Historically Provo’s biosolids have met the Code of Federal Regulations Part 503 requirements which protects public health and assures environmental protection.

Specialized agricultural equipment and trained personnel ensure that biosolids are professionally and accurately applied to soils. Biosolids are applied in amounts necessary to meet the nitrogen requirements of the crop. This organic matter improves soil conditions, increases water-holding capacity, reduces soil erosion, and provides valuable nutrients which increases plant growth.