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Industrial Pretreatment

Provo City's Water Resources Department operates a fully delegated Industrial Pretreatment Program to control the discharge of toxic, harmful or untreatable wastes to the sewer system. Several aspects of these programs are innovative and significantly help maintain Provo City's high quality effluent and biosolids.

Who is affected by the Pretreatment Program? 
Provo City applies their Pretreatment Program not only to Significant Industrial Users (SIU's), but also to all commercial, and EPA defined Categorical dischargers. While major industries can have a major impact on a wastewater treatment plant, they are also generally very visible, stable, and have knowledgeable personnel. The City has twelve major or categorical industries discharging to the treatment plant, and also has over 1,600 commercial facilities such as photo shops, medical facilities, auto body shops, dry cleaners, lawn services, and restaurants; which when combined, can have a significant impact on the sewer system and reclamation facility.

The City's full-time Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator routinely inspects all major and minor commercial facilities that have a potential to impact the sewer collection system or treatment plant. Most inspections are used as an educational opportunity for the business owner. The Pretreatment Coordinator helps businesses identify hazardous components of their waste streams, and then helps them to find an appropriate means for handling the identified components. For example, businesses with photographic processes, including x-ray development units, will be educated on acceptable silver recovery options ranging from on-site treatment units to simply having silver wastes hauled away by a reputable company. In follow-up, inspections staff will expect to see records of treatment-unit maintenance, or receipts from hauled wastes. The Pretreatment staff also works closely with businesses in eliminating spill pathways. Businesses are strongly encouraged to permanently seal all floor drains, and to utilize appropriate spill containment systems.

The Pretreatment personnel review all business license applications, renewals, and address changes. Contact information is included, and Pretreatment related concerns can be quickly resolved. Before a business license is issued, Pretreatment must approve or deny the license.

Building permit applications with potential adverse impacts to the sewer system are routed to the Water Resources Division and reviewed. Businesses that are considering constructing a new building or remodeling an existing building must meet the requirements of the Pretreatment program on paper, before the buildings are built or remodeled. The Pretreatment Coordinator and the City's engineers review the construction drawings, and require changes as necessary. This program prevents the situation in which a business builds a facility only to have the Pretreatment staff require them to modify it upon the first inspection.

The Pretreatment Program pays off for the Environment, as evidence of the City's comprehensive Pretreatment program. The Provo City Water Reclamation Facility's effluent meets all of the State's stringent surface water quality standards. Also, Provo’s biosolids are well within the Table 3 criteria for biosolids(40 CFR 503). The treatment plant has never experienced a spill or slug load from industries that has effected the plant's performance.

For all questions or to schedule an inspection regarding our Pretreatment Program call (801) 852-6793.

Pretreatment Forms and documents 
Food Service Questionnaire Industrial Questionnaire
Grease Trap Drawing  Self Monitoring Report  Waste Water Permit Application  One time Compliance report