fat in pan

No Grease

Sewer backups can be a traumatic and costly experience for a homeowner or renter. Sewer backups are caused either by blockage in an individual sewer lateral or by blockage in the City's main line. Main line blockages are usually much more serious because the entire flow in the main line can be forced up the individual lateral and into the home. 

Sewer backups in laterals and main lines represent a significant expense to the City. Crews are on call 24 hours a day to respond to sewer lateral or main line blockages, as well as to deal with other incidences that would disrupt sanitary sewer service.

The most common cause of sewer lateral and main line backups is grease buildup. We can all help in the prevention of grease related sewer backups by simply following a few basic guidelines. Oil or grease residue should be poured, wiped, or scraped from plates, pots, and pans and disposed of with household solid waste or garbage. Garbage disposals should be used wisely and sparingly and never for the disposal of household generated oils, greases, or grease bearing food products. Please consider the fact that food such as gravies, frostings, and dressings can contain significant quantities of oils and fats.

The City works closely with restaurants within the community to ensure that their oil and grease management programs are similar to those described above and are effective in protecting the restaurants main lines and laterals as well as the City’s sewer mains. Similar benefits accrue to the homeowner as well as the City when care is taken to ensure that oils and greases associated with food preparation in the home are dealt with responsibly and not simply washed down the drain. Your cooperation will be appreciated.