Provo River

Water Source Protection Plan

Groundwater tapped by the City’s wells is stored in unconsolidated deposits of sand and gravel that underlie the City, and our springs store groundwater found in Paleozoic limestones and quartzites. Provo City has a Drinking Water Source Protection Plan (DWSP) that is designed to protect the integrity of our drinking water supplies and is available for review by our customers at our office.

The general types of potential contamination sources that exist within the DWSP Zones for Provo’s wells and springs include sewer lines, golf courses, unimproved and improved roads, residential properties, and industrial/commercial areas. These potential contamination sources are adequately controlled by our commitment to an aggressive watershed protection program, which we consider our first line of defense in assuring the quality of your drinking water.

Based on hydrogeologic setting, the integrity of the source collection systems, the types of potential contamination sources present, and the strict requirements of our Drinking Water Source Protection Program, we consider the Provo wellfield and springs mildly susceptible to contamination.

Residents and businesses should notify Provo City of any accidents or hazardous waste spills that occur within the City or Canyon area mentioned previously. Residents and businesses should also take an active role in protecting their drinking water sources through the proper use, storage, and disposal of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, fuels, oils, and household chemicals. These safeguards and other requirements are addressed in our Watershed Protection Ordinance, which is an important component of our DWSP Plan.