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Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Burkart, JoshPeaks Arena Program CoordinatorRecreation(801) 582-6777
Christensen, AliciaCommunity Programs CoordinatorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6621
Deschenes, KeriLearn to Skate CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6762
Drzayich, JakeArena General ManagerRecreation(801) 852-6763
Garrett, BrettMaintenance Technician Recreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-7615
Garrett, KaitiOperations Coordinator Recreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-7613
Hoffman, ElizaSports CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6603
Merrill, Bryce Recreation Center ManagerRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6613
Patterson, RylinSports CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6604
Rouse, BryantMaintenance TechnicianRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-7615
Santa Cruz, MalloryAquatics CoordinatorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6615
Shirley, MariahRecreation SpecialistRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6626
Siswick, StephanieOperations CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6759
Smits, CathyAquatics SupervisorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-7601
Wakefield, MichelleFitness Program CoordinatorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6612
Watabe, FosterHockey CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6768
Whitaker, ShawnSport Fields & Programs ManagerParks, Recreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6628