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Egress Window Program

An egress window is a window or a window well large enough, as defined by local building codes, for exit or entry in case of an emergency.

Basements and all sleeping rooms must have at least one opening, either a window or exterior door, for escape or rescue, also referred to as egress, in case of fire or other emergency.

The Housing Division of The Community and Neighborhood Services Department is providing egress window loans/grants for low to moderate-income owner-occupants of single-family residential properties within the City.

  • 0% deferred loan.  No payment is due as long as the applicant continues to own and live in the home as their primary residence.
  • Must be under HUD's income limits (effective July 1, 2019).
  • On the anniversary date of the 3rd year, 1/3 of the loan could be forgiven, and then an additional 1/3 each year thereafter.
  • On the anniversary of the 5th year, if the borrower still occupies the property, the loan could be completely forgiven.
  • If the home is sold or no longer owner occupied within the first two years of the loan, a penalty of 50% of the loan balance will be added to the original balance.

Read the brochure and program guidelines for more information regarding this program. Also, you can download the application here.