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unfinished houseDown-Payment Assistance

In 2000, Provo City made a commitment to partner with our local non-profits and neighborhoods to engage our community in efforts to revitalize and preserve our Pioneer Neighborhoods. This ongoing effort is supported by private and federal funding, as well as a Congressional Economic Development Initiative (EDI) Special Purpose Grant for home ownership. Our vigorous determination to succeed is having a profound impact on the lives of those living in these neighborhoods.

An important element of our revitalization efforts is our Home Purchase Plus down-payment assistance program. Down-payment assistance is available for low-income families/individuals through the Provo City Housing Division. View the information below or contact the Provo City Housing Division at (801) 852-6160. Download the application here.  If you are a lender, the underwriting criteria can be found here.  If you are buying in a Utah County city other than Provo, go to the Loan-to-Own Program.

home sold What is it?A 0% interest, deferred payment loan to assist first-time home buyers in becoming home owners in Provo City.  A first-time home buyer is defined as someone who has had no ownership in a principal residence during the 3-year period ending on the date of the purchase of the property.  This includes a spouse or partner (if either meets the above test, they are considered first-time home buyers.

Based on need that is determined by a HUD formula, and if your mid credit score is 650-699, you may qualify for up to $25,000.  If your mid credit score is 700 or higher, you may qualify for up to $40,000 but the amount is determined by the HUD formula.   This cannot be used as gap financing.

You must be able to put down $1,000 of your own money.

No payment is due as long as the applicant continues to own and live in the home as their primary residence. 

If the home is sold or vacated within two years of purchase, a $5,000 pre-payment penalty will be applied.
Once the home is no longer the primary residence, the loan is due and payable in full.

nice little home Who Qualifies?Must qualify for a first mortgage through a lender of the buyer's choice (see underwriting criteria for exciting, new changes to the ratio requirements for the program).  Both spouses/partners are required to be on our loan even if they are not on the first mortgage and must have a qualifying credit score.

Applicant must be income eligible (see income chart).  New income limits effective July 1, 2020.  Must be on their current job for six months.  Income is calculated as a projected income based on the last three month's of pay stubs using the actual hours worked.

Both spouses must be on our loan (whether or not they are on the first mortgage, and they must both meet the minimum credit score requirement.

Single individuals may qualify for loans on a maximum two-bedroom house.

Minimum mid-score of 650 and other RDA underwriting criteria.  Must meet debt capacity requirement.

Applicant's liquid assets (defined in policies manual) cannot exceed $15,000 up to time of closing.

Applicants must take "Pre-Home-Ownership Counseling" offered through Community Action or NeighborWorks Provo.  Community Action can be reached at 801-691-5200 or 815 S. Freedom Blvd. in Provo.  NeighborWorks Provo can be reached at 801-375-5820 or 39 W. 300 N. in Provo.  We also accept the following online course only:  No other online course will be accepted.

All household members over the age of 18 must pass a background check.


sold sign What Housing Qualifies Purchase price of the home may not exceed HUD limitations (currently $316,000 for existing homes and new homes - effective July 1, 2020.

Property may be a single-family home, a home with a legal-accessory apartment, or one half of a twin home or town home.  Condos are now eligible in Provo.

Home may not be occupied, or have been occupied, by renters within six months to the date of contract who would be displaced by the purchase.

 If you feel you have been discriminated again in the purchase of your home, please visit our Fair Housing page which has a link where you can file a complaint.


Hands-On Training is currently closed and will return in June 2020