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Neighborhood Revitalization

Revitalizing our Neighborhoods


The goal of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program is to create a concentrated visual impact, through individual and collective improvements, improving the overall appearance, quality and vitality of the neighborhood.  Projects should address the elements of a healthy neighborhood including (see program brochure):

  • creating a positive neighborhood image,
  • good physical conditions,
  • strong social connections, and
  • a viable real estate market.

These efforts are supported with funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). This funding is specific to CDBG-eligible neighborhoods as determined by HUD. (see map of CDBG-eligible areas)

Projects may include:

  • curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement
  • residential facade repair
  • landscaping
  • neighborhood cleanup
  • parks/equipment
  • murals
  • safety crossings
  • Paint Your Heart Out
  • pathways/lighting
  • ADA accessibility

The Process:

  • Parties interested in beginning a neighborhood project should reach out to the Neighborhood Revitalization Program Administrator (PA) to determine area and project eligibility.
  • Talk with your neighbors to gain support.  Hold a meeting and make sure your project idea is supported by your neighborhood.  Support is key to success with neighborhood projects.
  • Create a work plan including all areas you would like to address.  Include a timeline and projected expenses.
  • Submit an application/work plan to the PA for review and approval.
  • The PA will work with you to support the project through completion.

 Program Administrator Contact - Cindy Sweeten 801-852-6176, or